It take away guts to take on a song that to be made famous by a powerhouse voice, and also most human being honestly shouldn"t be the gutsy. You want to sing a Mariah Carey song? great luck. Celine Dion? Rethink it. How around a Dolly Parton epos made even much more famous by Whitney Houston? Oh, honey. Simply no.

So the idea that a man with a lone guitar shattering a rendition the "I Will constantly Love You," finish with few of Whitney Houston"s vocal stylings—especially a male in a flannel shirt singing live on a tiny stage—just seems so unlikely. And yet that"s specifically what josh Weathers did in 2011 as soon as he perform the track at Dallas"s Kessler Theatre. Through a capacity of 150 come 500, few people gained to actually check out this power live, however thankfully the theatre posted it on YouTube, whereby it"s had more than 2.6 million views.

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Weathers explains before singing the song that his mom had actually loved the movie soundtrack for "The Bodyguard," which contained "I Will always Love You." He said it to be his mom"s birthday that day, and also though she was no longer right here he wanted to song it for her. And that he did, with straightforward beauty, power, and also emotion.

Just watch:

mockery Weathers at The Kessler theatre in Dallas, Texas

Weathers has incredible manage of his vocals in this track that"s notoriously daunting to sing. And also while the Whitney Houston version has a sweeping orchestral plan behind it together it will the most powerful sections, Weathers only has actually his lone guitar. And also it works. That chord change. That falsetto. Phew.

Here"s come talented and skilled musician constantly blowing us away.

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