Before I began elementary school, I used to hear to KTAM-AM radio at home. In ~ 12:00 noon every weekday, our conversation would certainly stop once the Paul Harvey Radio routine came on the air. The minute i say, “Paul Harvey,” girlfriend can currently say it, “And now you know the rest that the story!”

Talk about a radio icon—Paul Harvey to be one because that sure. The was likewise a prolific writer whose books are an extremely likely on some of your bookshelves. News/talk radio is now a significant radio layout on its own, yet at the moment KTAM to be playing modern music. So, Paul’s factual newscast to be the “serious” component of mine day in ~ times. He constantly had the best behind-the-scenes story of things that we never knew about famous people, often before they ended up being famous.

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Thinking of the again recently, it got me to thinking, about in life, as in death, over there are constantly many side to a person’s life, legacy and story. Every facet, or side, is totally dependent on how we view things personally and also then exactly how we share and also relate castle to rather that shapes life stories. Yes sir so much value in recording history now, if those friend love are alive and also capable of telling their stories.

Going through scrapbooks together with seniors, identifying civilization who were necessary in their lives, by name, and also then listening the stories around how the events recorded in photos happened—you’ll uncover that invaluable one day, priceless in fact.

My message right here in “The Eagle” starts with my thoughts for the week, but I constantly have more to say beyond this space. Just get in the resolve below into your browser to find my blog or visit every week and also discover…the rest of my story! please feel totally free to comment and add your opinions. Let’s store the conversation going!


And now…for the rest of the story. Yes, that expression is as quickly identifiable to you as the man who claimed it weekdays for the alphabet Radio Networks heard around the country. As I thought about his wonderful storytelling ability, and also the method he held people’s attention, it is what influenced me to desire to write a shaft for The Eagle, and also then…continue the story on my blog here!

I did some research study on Mr. Harvey, and also the an initial thing i learned was the his radio surname was his real name, or actually his an initial two names as the name he was born v was Paul Harvey Aurandt. Another fact is the he and his mam were starting members the the Humane society and the was crucial to them throughout his lifetime. I knew ns really respect him!

One thing I had actually no idea was among “his cases to fame” was in creating brand-new words that were readily embraced by therefore many human being that you assumed they’d to be real accepted words forever. My online source provided he came up v the words “guesstimate” (I never ever knew wherein that came from), “skyjacker” (one we don’t want to hear, ever), and “Reaganomics” from 30 year ago.

It was stated that Paul Harvey’s radio present had end 24,000,000 listeners every week that tuned in to hear the story behind the innovation of everyday products, famous world who began out with humble beginnings, and everyday world who grew up to it is in heroes in our lives, whose success are now component of background books in schools today.

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This YouTube (found in ~ has the story the Lou King, the assumed surname for a budding young prizefighter, who ultimately came to be a young entertainer named….well, i won’t damage the story because that you.

Every work he’d start a broadcast was one of his catchphrases, “Hello, Americans! i’m Paul Harvey.” climate after he started his story, before the next break he’d say, “In a moment…. The rest of the story….” and at the really end he would say, “Now friend know…the rest of the story,” and also conclude his radio display with, “Paul Harvey…Good day.” Feels like it was simply yesterday, doesn’t it?

In ours world, every day in ~ Callaway-Jones, that is our project to tell the story of the lives of her loved ones. It is our privilege to be entrusted to execute that because that you and we space your partner in telling the story of her life for all that are below today, and also for those who will want to recognize as lot as they have the right to in many years ahead, together they look back to the past, because that answers, because that details in genealogy and in household history. Say thanks to you for trusting us. And also as Paul Harvey would say, “Good day!”