“Meet Virginia” to be the 2nd single from the first self-titled debut album, Train, released in 1998. This track was no a well understand song at an initial because nobody knew of the… review More 
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She doesn't very own a dress, she hair is always a messIf you catch her stealin' she won't confessShe's beautifulSmokes a pack a day, no wait, that's me, yet anywayShe doesn't care a thing around that, heyShe think I'm beautifulMeet VirginiaShe never ever compromises, loves babies and also surprisesWears high heels when she exercisesAin't the beautifulMeet VirginiaWell she desires to it is in the QueenThen she thinks about her scenePulls her hair back as she screams"I don't yes, really wanna it is in the Queen"
When daddy wrestles alligatorsMama works on carburetorsAnd brother is a fine mediatorFor the PresidentAnd below she is again on the phoneJust favor me no to it is in aloneWe just like to sit at homeAnd rip ~ above the PresidentMeet Virginia, mmmmWell she wants to live her lifeThen she thinks around her lifePulls her hair ago as she screams"I don't really wanna live this life"No mamaNo mamaNo mamaNo mama
She just drinks coffee in ~ midnightWhen the moment is not rightHer time is quiteUnusualYou watch her confidence is tragicBut she intuition magicAnd the shape of her body?UnusualWell, accomplish VirginiaI can't wait toMeet VirginiaYeah yeah hey hey heyWell she wants to be the queenAnd she thinks around her sceneWell she wants to live her lifeThen she thinks about her life
Pulls she hair earlier as she screams"I don't really wanna it is in the queen"I, ns don't yes, really wanna be the queenI, ns don't really wanna be the queenI, ns don't really wanna live this
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“Meet Virginia” was the second single from the very first self-titled debut album, Train, released in 1998. This song was no a well know song at very first because nobody knew that the tape Train. As soon as they gained to be an ext popular therefore did the song.

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This song have the right to be understood in many different ways. This song might be about a girl that desires to be something the she is not, but then realizes the what she wants isn’t what she wants. The could also be interpreted as a sad girl and also the young loves her in spite of her problems.

“I don’t really wanna live this life”



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Patrick Monahan pointing out the inspiration because that the location character the this song:

You know, Virginia was a bunch of girls the I had actually met in san Francisco and also they were actual people, and also Virginia was the name the came through that human — i don’t recognize why. Among the main girls, her surname was Amber. Mine wife’s name is Amber too, yet this other girl was dating my original bass player and we were play softball against a few of the guys from the counting Crows reason they to be a just Area band initially too. So my base player’s girlfriend originates from some choose wedding shower, and she’s wearing a really lengthy dress and high heels, and also she walk out and plays shortstop and also kicks ass. For this reason it was like, she was wearing high heels and exercising and also it was just so weird the it had actually to be created about. So it is what “Meet Virginia” is about, a bunch of different people.

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Do you meet fans all the time that room like, “I’m Virginia!”

Yeah, yeah. Virginia, the very first 10 year of our career, every girl the was called Virginia, or Ginny, or everything version of that name was, would say, “I’m her! You composed the song about me!” It’s much less like that now just because, you know, ns think we’ve to be a band so lengthy that most of those women room dead. (laughs)

Monahan on the one various other important element of this song:

What go you carry out with your an initial royalty check? How big was it?

The first time I ever got payment was with ”Meet Virginia” . I think it was for $30,000. That examine paid off every my bills. It was the many liberating moment of mine life.