And so it is. The cast of Pretty Wild reunited for an upcoming episode of the “Recovering indigenous Reality” podcast — and also Us Weekly has the to exclude, clip!

To refresh your memory, Pretty Wild — coproduced by Chelsea Handler — aired in 2010 and followed the comings-and-goings the socialites Alexis Neiers, Tess Taylor, Gabby Neiers and Andrea Arlington. The display was collection to catapult the ladies right into Kardashian-type reality TV fame, till the 2nd day the filming, once cops arrested Alexis for her function in The Bling Ring — a team of pals who robbed the residences of Audrina Patridge, Paris Hilton and also Orlando Bloom, among many others.

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Cameras rolled together the household tried come navigate Neiers taking care of a different form of reality: prison time. And also behind the scenes, Alexis, currently 27, and Taylor, currently 29, were taking care of private, and also then very public, medicine addictions.


Gabby Neiers, tress Taylor, Alexis Neiers and Andrea Arlington.

Despite the cast’s an individual problems, the show quickly emerged a cult following. Who could forget the extreme voicemail Alexis left writer Nancy Jo after she mistook the truth star’s Bebe shoes for Louboutins in her Vanity Fair article, “The doubt Wore Louboutins”? Or city hall Taylor embark on a relationship with stud Max Nash (who later appeared on MTV’s The Hills) while Gabby, now 25, make the efforts to gain being a normal teenager in spite of having two older scene Queen sisters? (Although Taylor to be not associated biologically, she was best friends through Alexis and lived through the household for a far-ranging amount of time.)

Arlington also made a name for herself, if just for her bizarre homeschooling methods — in which she based she teachings ~ above The Secret and also had her daughters do vision boards about people “demonstrating great character, favor Angelina Jolie.”

Although the show ended abruptly after ~ one season due to Alexis’ legitimate woes, fans have actually been begging to view the actors of Pretty Wild reunite — and there’s never ever been a better time, now that castle have found their own locations in the civilization outside of the public eye. Gabby freshly married, when Alexis and also Taylor are mothers who have celebrated their own respective sobriety milestones.


Alexis Neiers, tress Taylor, Andrea Arlington and Gabby Neiers attend Comcast to chat Group’s TCA party in ~ Langham Hotel top top January 15, 2010 in Pasadena, California. Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Alexis, that is currently a medicine counselor in ~ Alo House, additionally launched her new podcast, “Recovering from Reality,” in i beg your pardon she sheds irradiate on her previous experiences. “I’m proud that how much we’ve all come and also I think it’s crucial to see just how we’ve every recovered,” Alexis speak Us Weekly exclusively. Gabby for her part, echoes that sentiment, informing Us, “My great is to lug people hope that feel prefer their story is over.”

While Taylor prefers to continue to be out that the spotlight nowadays, she is happy to have actually reunited through her previous costars in the hopes of inspiring others. “I absolutely love letting human being know that deep, dark black hole recovery is possible.” she tells Us. “We room living proof.”

Check the end Us Weekly’s exclusive clip the the reunion — and also make certain to tune into the first episode on Monday, march 11.

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