Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort battled each other at UFC 126 for the middleweight championship.

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"The Spider", who was in the prime of his career, defended his location successfully versus "The Phenom" through an astonishing front absent knockout in the an initial round.

Watch the highlights of the struggle below:


Silva landed a front absent to Belfort"s jaw and followed up through punches to the grounded challenger. Referee Mario Yamasaki quit the fight in ~ 3:25 right into the first round. It was additionally the first-ever front-kick knockout in UFC history.

Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort offered a thrilling end to Triller"s recent pay-per-view event. The struggle night saw Silva face an additional UFC veteran, Tito Ortiz, together Belfort faced a boxing legend in Evander Holyfield. Both Silva and Belfort were able come secure knockout finishes in the very first round.

"The Spider" knocked "The Huntington Beach bad Boy" the end cold at 1:21 of the very first round. Belfort secured a TKO complete at 1:49 of the an initial round, and also while Holyfield was still standing, that was possibly the right contact from the referee to tide the fight off.

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See Anderson Silva knockout Tito Ortiz below:

Anderson Silva will currently look to proceed his search in boxing as he moves to 3-1

"The Spider", who is concerned as among the best of every time to ever complete in an octagon, will now divert his fist to a newfound course in boxing. After defeating Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Earlier in June, Silva verified to the human being that he possessed the necessary an abilities to contend with the elites as he walk in MMA.

In the post-fight interview after ~ beating Tito Ortiz, Anderson Silva said:

"I trained difficult for this fight, you know, ns trained hard. Ns trained tough for reflecting my respect for boxing, and also I continue job-related every day."

When inquiry what fans and the combat sports people can expect next from him, the Brazilian said:

"I don"t know, now I go earlier home and continue training and, we"ll watch "

Watch his complete post-fight interview below:

"A an excellent piece the theater" - Chael Sonnen lauds Anderson Silva because that teaming up v Vitor Belfort and also calling the end the Paul brothers
Anderson Silva argues the Paul brothers struggle him and also Vitor Belfort; Ben Askren proposal doing it as a tag-team boxing bout

ANDERSON SILVA quoting Bruce Lee "Be water my friend" #HolyfieldBelfort #TrillerFightClub