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Andi Dorfman is looking back at her Bachelorette season. The 33-year-old"s cycle of the alphabet dating present aired in 2014, and seven year later, she claims she"d carry out things a small differently (like provide her last rose to chris Soules).

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"Honestly if I had to pick a different person from mine season, it would certainly not have actually been Nick , who was second. The would have actually been chris Soules, who was third," Andi said Dax Holt and also Adam Glyn top top the Hollywood life podcast. She ended up giving her last rose come Josh Murray, despite they finished their engagement in January 2015.

"At the time, to be my buddy, mine friend. I really chosen Nick and Josh, so ns was like, I have to remove... Chris was like, mine safetyblanket. He was the male I could go ~ above a date with and also knew that we might have a great time, over there wasn"t a ton of pressure," she explained. "He to be a relief. Ns knew when the final three came down I essential to actually gain serious about these final two, so ns kinda had to remove him together a security net. However it certainly wouldn"t have been Nick or everyone else, ns don"t think."

Chris go on to come to be the Bachelor, though he also later broke up v his final pick, Whitney Bischoff. The farmer was most recently romantically attached to Victoria Fuller, who appeared on Peter Weber"s Bachelor season critical year.

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As for Andi"s partnership with Josh, she claimed it"s nonexistent. "Hell no," she replied once asked if she"s spoken to her previous fiancé.

"I moved to brand-new York and also that was my parting gift," she added. "I don"t understand . I"m pretty sure that number has been blocked for about five or six years."

The previous attorney was actors as the Bachelorette after showing up on Juan Pablo Galavis"season with other standout Clare Crawley -- and also she stays supportive that Clare amid her breakup indigenous Dale Moss. During her Tuesday figure on Watch What happens Live v Andy Cohen, Andi praised Clare"s Bachelorette journey together both a "trainwreck" and also a "fairytale."

"Yeah, did obtain derailed. It"s tough to perform it again, yet I thought her season to be good," she claimed of whether Clare could try to discover love in the franchise again. "It to be off come a nice, good, sort of crazy trainwreck that a start, which is what you constantly want in a Bachelorette. And also then it ended in a fairytale, i m sorry is also what you always want."

"I wouldn"t speak I"m surprised or no surprised ," she added. "I shot not to gain into anyone"s business. I come native a failure engagement from that show, so I kind of try to support whether it stops working or succeeds, to be honest."