Some Bachelor nation rivalries never end.

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Andi Dorfman’s exes Nick Viall and mock Murray exchanged words on Instagram 6 years ~ they competed for her heart top top season 10 the The Bachelorette.

The drama started once Viall, 39, tagged Dorfman, 33, in she ex-fiancé’s write-up of that lip-syncing via Instagram.


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“Oh nothing mind me, just really bored making some music in mine bedroom #quarantineproblems,” Murray, 35, captioned the clip.

In the comment section, Viall, who was runner-up on Dorfman’s season, replied, “

Dorfman got involved to Murray throughout the season 10 finale of The Bachelorette, i beg your pardon aired in 2014, after sending Viall home. The former pair called the quits 6 months ~ the illustration aired. In she memoir, It’s not Okay, Dorfman accused Murray of gift emotionally abusive, which that denied. She likewise wrote about the former baseball player struggling to gain over the reality that she slept with Viall while filming the series.

“He seemed to struggle over whether he was an ext upset by the truth that I had actually lied or that I’d had sex with one more man,” she wrote. “Several much more apologies later, it ended up being clear the worry was about my having actually sex with someone else. The one sexual escapade would come to be a power play provided by mine fiancé to justification his mistrust in me. It would certainly be one excuse to speak to me a whore. And also it would ultimately lead to the death of my engagement.”

While Murray to be briefly engaged to Amanda Stanton ~ season 3 the Bachelor in Paradise and Viall walk on to end up being the Bachelor, Dorfman hasn’t publicly dated anyone rather in Bachelor Nation. She did, however, joke around reaching out to Viall and her second runner-up, Chris Soules, last month.

“I’m about two days and/or three martinis away from texting all of my exes,” a meme Dorfman common on march 23 reads.

She then common a screenshot that a empty group message to Viall and also Soules, 38.

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