Well, technically she to be 59 once she filmed. She was available a shitload that money to pose in Playboy in the "80s yet said no, always used a body-double for any kind of nudity in she 20s/30s/40s, yet we finally get to see the real Andie MacDowell.

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MISSOULA, Mont. — Andie MacDowell turn 60 in April. When you are a woman and still functioning in Hollywood, one anniversary prefer that is much more than a personal milestone, the a cinematic miracle, particularly when you space an actress stretching out in toothsome, age-appropriate roles.

Ms. MacDowell will show up in a little independent film called “Love after ~ Love” top top Hulu following month, together a middle-aged mrs finding her method after the fatality of her spouse.

But in “Love after Love,” which entranced reviewers during an previously theatrical release, Ms. MacDowell has actually the an initial nude scene of her long career.

“Everybody made such a huge deal the the nudity,” she said, “and it to be embarrassing that everyone made together a large deal. I wish I’d done it sooner. However no, I had actually to wait till I had actually an older body. Ns wish I’d excellent it as soon as I had actually a shockingly gorgeous young body, however I had actually a lot of of fear when ns was younger.”

Why and how were you able to store your garments on all those years?

My agents and managers want me to have actually a human body double. I uncovered it comfortable since I didn’t want to embarrass my children, for starters. But they’re grown up now.

How walk you gain through it?

The director knew it no something ns was dying to do, so the crew was cut back. And also I practiced! Right prior to we did the scene, the said, “How carry out you want to do this?” ns said, “Should i just present you?” So ns took my apparel off in former of him and also said, “What perform you think?” He retained saying, “You space so beautiful, oh that’s beautiful, that’s beautiful.” it made me calm.

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And this:

I hope that"s no out the line. I don"t think those even need spoiler tags. But anyway, the remainder are out there. 

The people would be a much better place if a lot much more actresses came to that realzation while they"re in your prime. 

(Are girlfriend listening, Kaley?)

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