André Leon Talley has put his feud through Vogue editor Anna Wintour aside this week and rushed to her defense versus charges of racism in ~ the fashion mag.

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Talley — who was once Wintour’s reliable No. 2 — sustained her Wednesday against a new York time exposéthat revealed bigotry at Vogue, also though he freshly blasted her together a “colonial broad” who is steeped in “white privilege.”

André Leon Talley and also Anna Wintour in ~ the Met Gala in 1999Getty Images

“Anna made history by make me the very first African American male ever to be called as an innovative director the Vogue, in 1988. She crashed the glass ceiling,” he wrote on Instagram, in addition to an photo of them in ~ the Met sphere in 1999.

“From there, the possibility of sir
edwardenninful came to be the very first black masculine to EVER come to be editor in chief of Vogue UK.”

The stylish Talley additionally recalled what lock wore that night.

“In the kingdom of possibility of forgiveness, your truly, in Tom Ford, custom, by
gucci and Dame Anna Wintour in Galliano couture
dior climbing the stairs come the Met Gala…those to be the halcyon days as soon as we to be at the apex the the high fashion world. Us were our younger better angels.”

The post was preferred by Edward Enninful and also designers including Marc Jacobs, that added: “Possibility is all we have. And also luckily that is a lot. Possibility permits for hope.”

Talley’s present of assistance comes after that ripped Wintour in his recently released memoir “The Chiffon Trenches” because that firing that from functioning at the well known Met Gala in donate of a young YouTuber. He composed Wintour is “not capable” that “human kindness.”

In an interview around the book, he stated Wintour is “a colonial dame, she originates from British, she’s component of an setting of colonialism. She is entitled and also I execute not think she will ever let anything acquire in the way of her white privilege.”

In the times exposé, Wintour copped to acting poorly as soon as it comes to issues of race.

“I strongly believe that the most essential thing any of us have the right to do in our work-related is to administer opportunities for those who might not have actually had accessibility to them,” she said.

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“Undoubtedly, I have actually made mistakes along the way, and also if any kind of mistakes to be made at Vogue under mine watch, they space mine to own and also remedy and I am cursed to act the work.”

Talley had likewise praised his previous boss for putting Naomi Campbell ~ above the covering of the desire September problem — saying it would go some means to heal wounds.