John Lineker compelled Francisco Rivera to tap in the very first round after a rage of exchanged strikes. Lineker provides his return to the Octagon versus Michael McDonald ~ above July 13 in ~ struggle Night Sioux Falls.

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Megan Olivi interviews Ross Pearson backstage after ~ his separation decision win over Paul Felder in ~ 191 in las Vegas.

* flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson speak to commentator Joe Rogan inside the Octagon after ~ his seventh title defense around his unanimous decision win over john Dodson at 191.


Joe Rogan interviews Andrei Arlovski seconds after being named unanimous decision winner versus Frank Mir at 191 in las Vegas


With the many fights in heavyweight history, candid Mir offers us his optimal three as he prepares to face Andrei Arlovski in ~ 191.


Take a closer look in ~ Andrei Arlovski ahead of his much-anticipated bout through Frank Mir Saturday at 191 in las Vegas, NV ~ above Pay-Pay-View.

In this edition of Draft kings Fantasy Facts, Dominick Cruz bring away an inside look in ~ the number for john Dodson, Demetrious Johnson, Andrei Arlovski and more as they approach 191 this Saturday ~ above Pay-Per-View.

Watch together Demetrious Johnson and also John Dodson each failure film the their very first bout, and explain what they know about one another"s skills. Their fulfill again this Saturday in ras Vegas at 191 ~ above Pay-Per-View.

Megan Olivi sit down with flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson ahead of his seventh title defense in ~ 191 for a frank talk about dominance and also opponent john Dodson. 191 airs top top Pay-Per-View this Saturday.

Watch a preview of the FIGHT pass exclusive "MMA in the Family: john Lineker." Don"t miss out on this and even more an excellent content - authorize up because that FIGHT happen now. 191 analyst Joe Rogan previews the compelling fight of former heavyweight champion Frank Mir and also Andrei Arlovski.

The acclaimed Vlog series begins its latest installment top top the road to 191, going behind the scenes through Demetrious Johnson, man Dodson and more. 191 is live from ras Vegas, NV this Saturday top top Pay-Per-View.

Spend a couple of minutes through Jessica Andrade in her native Brazil together she take away you with a common day and tells friend the distinct story of exactly how she broke into MMA. Catch Andrade as she take away on Raquel Pennington in ~ 191 on Pay-Per-View.

MetroPCS take away a look in ~ top challenger John Dodson together he prepares because that his rematch through Demetrious Johnson at 191 in las Vegas, NV.

Hear native Demetrious Johnson and also John Dodson, in addition to their respective coaches Matt Hume, Mike Winklejohn and also Greg Jackson, in this 191: extended Preview. Also, Joe Rogan breaks under co-main event between Frank Mir and also Andrei Arlovski. flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson and also John “The Magician” Dodson are ready for a return of one of the ideal flyweight bouts ever. Watch the two battle once again because that title in ~ 191, in ras Vegas ~ above Pay-Per-View.

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One that the most dominant champion ever, Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson, deals with the one guy with the strength to dethrone him, No.1 contender John "The Magician" Dodson. In the back of the biggest flyweight location fight of every time.