Gov. Andrew Cuomo stirred some dispute Wednesday as soon as he said an audience in ~ a bill-signing consciousness in Manhattan that America “was never ever that great.”

“We’re no going to make America an excellent again, it was never ever that great,” Cuomo claimed as part in the audience gasped in surprise.

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It gained him sharp criticism from the Republican candidate for governor, Marc Molinaro, who said it to be “shocking” and that Cuomo “owes the country an apology.”

The governor likewise received critiques on social media.

Later in the day, Cuomo’s push secretary, Dani Lever, authorize a statement speak the governor does think that America “is great” and also was simply making the allude that the nation’s greatness has actually not yet been totally realized since inequalities exist.

Cuomo’s comments straight after his statement show up to bear that out.

“We will certainly reach greatness once every American is totally engaged,” Cuomo said.

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Lever claimed it is Trump that is implying, through his campaign slogan of “Make America great Again,” the the nation is not great now.

On Wednesday night, trump tweeted,“WE’RE not GOING TO do AMERICA an excellent AGAIN, that WAS never THAT GREAT.” have the right to you think this is the governor of the highest Taxed State in the U.S., Andrew Cuomo, having a full meltdown!"

In response, Cuomo tweeted: "What girlfriend say would certainly be "great again" would not be an excellent at all...We will certainly not go earlier to discrimination, segregation, sexism, isolationism, racism or the KKK. Favor NY"s motto says: Excelsior -- ever before Upward (not backward)"

Later, lever issued a much longer clarification:

"Jessica Proud, spokesperson because that the Republican Party said, "America is & always has to be the greatest." She have to talk to chairman Trump who claims make America an excellent again - i m sorry obviously means he doesn"t think the is good now," he said. "Governor Cuomo disagrees with the President. The governor believes America is an excellent and that her full greatness will be completely realized when every man, woman, and also child has full equality. America has not yet got to its preferably potential."

New York State Senate Lader john Flanagan took the opportunity to refer his "outrage."

"I couldn"t i dont agree more. It"s an easy – America is the greatest country on the confront of the earth. It has actually no equal. It has actually long offered as a beacon of hope for immigrant throughout the world, who came below in search of a better life because that themselves and their families. It has actually given plenty of citizens the possibility to prosper and get ahead, and also to live out their dreams. Together, America has actually helped victory two civilization Wars, protected freedom throughout the globe, and brought democracy and also peace to millions of human being who yearned because that it," the Republican stated in a statement. "No matter what the Governor"s radical leftist advisers desire him to say, America was, is, and constantly will it is in great. The Governor must apologize today – not with a spokesperson – however with his own words and from his own mouth."