“A soulful and also searching book. Vibrant and elegant…McCarthy’s prose shines with intelligence and intimacy. One feels traction along…the publication gaining inert and definition page through page” (Cheryl Strayed, The brand-new York Times publication Review).

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With soaking up honesty and an irrepressible taste because that adventure, award-winning travel writer and actor Andrew McCarthy takes united state on a deeply an individual journey played the end amid few of the world’s many evocative locales. Unable to commit to his fiancée of almost four years—and with no clear expertise of what’s holding him back—McCarthy finds himself at a crossroads, plagued by doubt that have actually clung to him because that a lifetime. Despite he endeavors from the treacherous slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro come an Amazonian riverboat and the dense Costa Rican rain forests, McCarthy’s genuine journey is just one of the spirit. Disarmingly likable, McCarthy no afraid to ceiling his soul on the page, and also what emerges is one intimate memoir the self-discovery and also an unforgettable love track to the woman who would be his wife.

About The Author


Andrew McCarthy

Since starring in movies likePretty in Pink, StElmo’s Fire,andLess 보다 Zero, Andrew McCarthy has become a director, one award-winning take trip writer, and also a bestselling author. He has actually directed more than eighty hrs of television, includingOrange Is the brand-new Black,The Blacklist,Gossip Girl,and numerous others. Because that a dozen year he served as editor at large atNational geographical Travelerand his award-winning take trip writing has appeared in TheNew York Times, theAtlanticandTIME. That is the author ofThe Longest means Home, just Fly Away, and most freshly a memoir, Brat, allNew York Timesbestsellers.

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster (June 4, 2013) Length: 288 pages ISBN13: 9781451667509

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“Soulful and also searching . . . McCarthy’s prose shines v intelligence and also intimacy . . . A long, strange trip on the direction of full-throttle love.”

– Cheryl Strayed, new York Times book Review

"Combining the best elements of Paul Theroux’s misanthropy in publications like Old Patagonian Express and also Elizabeth Gilbert’s emotions in Eat, Pray, Love, this publication is difficult to put down. Bound to it is in popular, this compelling and honest chronicle will not disappoint readers."

– Library Journal

“Andrew McCarthy treks from Baltimore come the Amazon, trying out his commitment worries as fearlessly as he scales mount Kilimanjaro."

– Elle

"Brave and moving...McCarthy’s keen feeling of scene and storytelling ignites his accounts...hreaded v an exemplary vulnerability and also propelled through a candid exploration of his very own life’s frailties."

– national Geographic

"McCarthy ponders some of the biggest and also most frightening questions neighboring intimacy: how does a loner connect? just how does a traveler settle down? how do us merge into family members without shedding ourselves? The answer seems to be the all this things room impossible...and however somehow we execute it anyway. There is much to be learned, and much to be admired, in this elegant, thoughtful story."—Elizabeth Gilbert, bestselling writer of Eat, Pray, Love

"This is not some memoir written by one actor who fancies self a world traveler. McCarthy really is a human being traveler – and a damned fine writer, too…To readers that think, “Andrew McCarthy? Really?” the answer is a resounding and also emphatic yes. Really."

– Booklist

"Rarely have actually I watched the male psyche explored through such honesty and vulnerability. This is the story of a son, a father, a brother, a husband, a guy who finds the ship not just to challenge himself, yet to disclose himself, and, in therefore doing, illuminates something around what the is to be human, fully alive, and awake.” --Dani Shapiro, author of Devotion

"It"s difficult to write books that space both adventurous and touching, but Andrew McCarthy manages to pull it off and more! A smart, an useful book." --Gary Shteyngart, bestselling author of at sight Sad True Love Story and Absurdistan

"Where lesser writers can reach for hyperbole and Roget to describe such exotic lands together Patagonia, Kilimanjaro and Baltimore, in The Longest method Home, McCarthy leans top top subtlety, a straightforward style and also hard-won insights to enable his larger stories come unfold. The not hard to imagine him as the solitary number in the café, scribbling in a notebook by candlelight, do the lonely, tedious job-related of travel writing look at romantic and also easy."--Chuck Thompson, author of much better Off there is no "Em and also Smile once You"re Lying

"As an really voyage, McCarthy"s globe-trotting tale is one evocative, very entertaining read. But as an introspective and emotional journey, his story is unforgivingly honest, courageous, and hard to put down." --David Farley, writer of one Irreverent Curiousity

“McCarthy delivers a deep revealing memoir about settling down, both through a woman and also in his own skin. An unflinchingly ethical examination that his life together an actor, son, brother, husband, and also father, and his battle with commit­ting come a woman in his life who he plans to—and does, through the finish of the book—marry in Dublin. Alcoholism, infidelity, the dark side of celebrity—McCarthy holds nothing back. … the skillfully bring the locations and also their characters to life. …Like the best travel, accompanying McCarthy ~ above his road toward self-awareness and the woman he loves is much an ext about the journey than the destination.”