Here’s how to stop a number native leaving voicemail ~ above Samsung – open up the call app and select the call or number come block. Tap the more options symbol then from the perform available, tap the Block alternative to block the selected contact. Currently you won’t obtain voicemails from this number.

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Do you obtain a lot of unwanted calls and voicemails?

I understand the feeling. Sometimes it’s a telemarketer or part random who somehow got your number. If you don’t answer, then that person texts or leaves plenty of voicemails.

Don’t worry, you have the right to block them with ease. And the beauty beauty of the is you deserve to block them by either making use of an app or v your carrier (mobile phone call provider).

Here’s how to block a number indigenous leaving voicemail on Samsung:


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How come Block A Number native Leaving Voicemail top top Samsung – 6 Ways

Blocking a number is one of the ideal ways to guard your peace of mind. Even if it is it’s a telemarketer or someone you merely don’t want to speak to, getting continuous phone call or voicemails have the right to be stroked nerves or worse.

Now, much more than ever, we’re so straightforward to reach, and some world or providers take benefit of that. But by impede a number, you do it an overwhelming for these world to get in touch with you.

There room several ways to block someone. You have the right to block a number using your phone’s native contact app, download a third-party app, or use your carrier business to block the number.

When a blocked call calls you, they are automatically sent directly to voicemail. They have the right to actually leaving a voicemail because that you, however, that won’t show up in your messages. Many contact blocking apps likewise automatically block spam calls. Friend can likewise block surprise or exclusive numbers and also block voicemail indigenous unknown caller.

Read on to learn around how to block a number from leaving voicemail ~ above Samsung:

Using Samsung’s Default phone App

The Phone app is the default calling app on her Samsung device. It’s what you use to do calls, access your call log and also your contacts.

Open the Phone application on your Samsung device, climate tap the contacts option.


You’ll view a confirmation post pop up questioning if you want to block the contact, click “block” to confirm the action.

Now you’ve successfully blocked the contact making use of Samsung’s phone call app.

Still no sure just how to carry out it? here’s a video on just how to block a number native leaving a voicemail top top Samsung:

Using CallApp

CallApp is a mobile app that provides caller ID, call blocking, and call recording. It allows you to check out information around who is sending or receiving a call through the use of the user’s community-generated content, and social networking services.

Here’s just how to use CallApp to block a number ~ above Samsung:

Once it has been downloaded, open up CallApp on her phone. It’ll ask friend to set it together your default call app, collection it as default.

Next, CallApp will ask you to allow access to her phone’s files, click Allow. It’ll likewise ask girlfriend to protect against optimizing the battery usage, click allow as well.

Now that you’ve granted the app permission. Go into your call number to develop your account. CallApp will send one SMS to her phone and instantly verify her account.

Once her account has been created and also verified, you’ll check out the adhering to interface, which will certainly show girlfriend CallApp’s features.

Since you desire to know around blocking number from leaving voicemails, you’ll need to access the Spam and also Block List. To execute this, tap the Spam symbol at the bottom that the screen.

Since you’ve just produced your account, it will certainly be empty, however, the following time you receive a robocall, you’ll have the ability to see the in the Spam List.

Beside the Spam list is the Block List. Here, you can adjust the setups of her block list, such together add brand-new numbers and also automatically block private/hidden numbers. If over there is a specific number you desire to block, click the “Add new entry” option.

Here friend can pick to block an currently contact, enter a number, or block a number series. Choose the “enter a number” alternative to block a details number.

From the pop-up window, add the name you desire to provide the contact and the number. As soon as you’ve excellent that, click yes sir to include the number to her block list.

Now the number has actually been clogged and included to her block list. You won’t receive any calls indigenous it.

Using The phone call Blacklist App

Calls Blacklist is a call and SMS blocker app accessible for Android phones. It’s accessible for totally free with ads, through a pro version obtainable for $1.99 without ads.

Here’s exactly how you deserve to use calls Blacklist come block a number native leaving you any voicemails on your Samsung phone:

Download Calls Blacklist indigenous the Play keep to your Samsung phone.When you open up the application for the an initial time, it’ll ask you come set it as the default caller ID and also spam app. Insanity the call Blacklist option, then tap “set together default” to collection it together the default app.

Since phone call Blacklist works as a call and also SMS blocker, it’ll questioning you come set it as your default SMS app. Set it together your default SMS app, as well.

Once you’ve collection the application as her default call and messaging app, girlfriend can start to use it. Once you open up it, you’ll your message messages, swipe to the ideal to accessibility your Blacklist. This is where every one of your clogged numbers will be stored.

Since you’ve just downloaded the app, your blacklist will certainly be empty. Tap the plus icon to add a new number.

Next, you’ll watch a pop-up food selection with a list of alternatives to select from. You deserve to block a number native your contact list, speak to log, or even a message. Friend can also opt to go into a brand-new number or any kind of number containing specific numbers. For this tutorial, I decided to enter a new number, for this reason tap the “input number” option.

Add the number you want to block and madness the checkmark symbol to conserve it.

That’s exactly how you block a number on Samsung using the calls Blacklist app.

If you’ve clogged someone from sending out you a message using calls Blacklist or otherwise, here’s how to view the blocked message messages on your Samsung.

Using call Blocker

A lot of of call blocking apps space bundled with various other features, which can sometimes overcomplicate them. The contact Blocker app, ~ above the other hand, is an easy and intuitive, making it great for those who want a lightweight speak to blocking app.

You have the right to use the contact blocker application to block numbers using its blacklist, and also block exclusive or minimal calls and also more.

Here’s just how you deserve to use the speak to Blocker app to protect against someone from leaving voicemails on your Samsung:

Download the Call Blocker app from the play Store.

Open the call Blocker app and also tap Continue, this will show you the permissions that speak to Blockers is requesting on her phone.

To work properly, speak to Blocker will certainly ask because that permission to your speak to Logs, Contacts, and manage your phone calls. Tap allow granting speak to Blocker permission.

The app’s home screen will display your Blacklist. It will be empty because you simply downloaded the app. Tap the plus icon to add a brand-new entry to her blacklist.

Next, you’ll view a popup menu that enables you come choose one entry from your contact log or contact list or an ext options. Select an ext options.

From the much more options list, choose “enter the call number” to add the number you want to block.

Add the number you want to block and tap yes to add it to her blacklist.

Using Google Voice

Google Voice is a phone call service detailed by Google. It supplies voice and text messaging, call forwarding, and also voicemail services. If you in the U.S., you can choose your very own Google Voice number and use the number to make both domestic and also international calls.

Here’s how you have the right to use Google Voice to block a number from leaving a voicemail on your Samsung device:

Open the Google Voice app on your phone.At the bottom that the screen, tap the phone call or voicemail tab.Open the call or voicemail from the call you want to block, climate tap the 3 vertical dots to access much more options.From the listed options, insanity Block > block to block the number.

That’s it! You’ve effectively blocked a number with Google Voice.

Here’s a video clip showing you how come block a number utilizing Google Voice. While the video clip shows you how to usage Google Voice on your pc to block a number, the block will be in place throughout all of her devices, consisting of your Samsung:

By blocking Via your Carrier

Many cellphone carriers allow you to block numbers through their services. The company varies from carrier to carrier, however they’re another way to block a number from leaving a voicemail on Samsung.

For this section, I’ll focus on just how to block number on AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

Using AT&T call Protect

AT&T speak to Protect is a cost-free app (with a premium option available) that offers contact protection services. It has a Spam threat feature that immediately blocks calls figured out as spam risk. Calls from people who are not in your address book can also be sent out to voicemail automatically.

Here’s exactly how to use AT&T contact Protect come block a number native leaving a voicemail on her Samsung phone:

Open the app and also tap Block.Click the My Block perform then tap +/Add,Once you’ve excellent this, you’ll see several choices available: get in a number, select from contacts, choose from your contact Protect contact log.Select the “enter a number” choice and add the number you desire to block, climate tap OK.Now you’ve successfully blocked a number using AT&T contact Protect.Using Verizon smart Family

Verizon enables you come block numbers, however, you can only block up to 5 numbers because that free. This blocks expire after 90 days and have to it is in reapplied. If you want to block more numbers because that longer, climate you need to sign up because that Verizon’s Smart household Plan.

Verizon clever Family expenses $4.99, and it enables you to block details numbers permanently. You can block calls and messages from up to 20 numbers, both domestic and international. Friend can likewise block minimal or exclusive numbers. Put limitations on data, calls, and also texts at certain times of the day.

This is how to block a number from leaving a voicemail top top Samsung using Verizon:

Log into your mine Verizon account on your web browser.From the house screen, select Account then My plan followed by blocks to access your blocked perform settings.Click the preferred phone number.Next, click Block calls and also messages, then enter the mobile number you want to block in the number field.You can also include a keep in mind in the Memo ar to remind yourself why you clogged the number. There’s likewise the option to use the block to every eligible lines on this account to protect against it indigenous contacting girlfriend with an additional number on the same account.When you’re finished with every one of this, click Save. Now you’ve efficiently blocked a number from leaving a voicemail using Verizon.Using T-Mobile scam Shield

T-Mobile is among the big 3 mobile carriers in the US. Similar to the various other two discussed above, T-Mobile additionally has its very own solution for spam calls, and that’s the Scam Shield app.

It’s a cost-free app (with a premium option easily accessible for $2 a month) that provides protection against scam callers. It provides Scam ID, Caller ID, cheat Block, and an ext for free with additional features available for the premium version.

To block specific numbers and manage your block list, you need to have actually Scam Shield premium activated.

Here’s exactly how to use the cheat Shield app to block a number from leaving a voicemail:

Open the scam Shield app and also click the manage tab.Once you’ve opened the manage tab, you’ll view Block, Allow, or Send come Voicemail. Tap Block to watch the contact that are on that list.Tap the + symbol to include a brand-new contact to her block list, then tap yes to complete your entry.


Can a clogged number leave a voicemail?

A clogged number have the right to leave a voicemail, however, it won’t show up v your consistent messages. Once a blocked number calls her phone, that person is instantly sent directly to voicemail. If they leave a voicemail, the voicemail will be save with other blocked voicemails, no your continual ones.

blocked numbers leaving a voicemail because they’re able to, and also that’s the only method they deserve to reach you. However, the voicemail is not stored v your constant voicemail, for this reason you won’t hear it unless you look for it. In this case, a clogged number won’t know that they’ve to be blocked.

when you block someone’s number, they will just hear a single ring before their contact is sent out to voicemail. This likewise happens when you’re on one more call, her phone is off, or you decline the call. This is why the not basic for who to understand you’ve blocked their number.

How come Block A Number from Leaving Voicemail top top Samsung – pack Up

So, what’d you think around this article?

As I discussed before, you have the right to use your Samsung’s default phone app or a third-party app such as call Blocker or CallApp to block someone’s number. Google Voice additionally presents a nice alternative.

Another good spam blocking app that i didn’t point out on this perform is Truecaller. Check the end our Truecaller guide if you no like any of the apps I discussed before. 

You can likewise opt for a carrier app such together T-Mobile’s cheat Shield, Verizon smart Family, or AT&T contact Protect. They’re an excellent and every of their monthly subscriptions is listed below $5.

No issue your choice, just know girlfriend don’t have to put up with unwanted voicemails anymore.

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Comment below and let us know which application works for you. Also, don’t forget come share v your family, friends, and followers, so they recognize how come block a number indigenous leaving voicemail on Samsung too.