"Chris was sort of choose my safety and security blanket. He to be the guy that I could go ~ above a day with and also like, i knew the we can like, have a an excellent time," Andi Dorfman claimed of kris Soules

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Though Andi Dorfman looks ago on her Bachelorette suffer with fondness, she'd choose a different outcome if she can do it all over again.

While speaking v Dax Holt and Adam Glyn ~ above the Hollywood Raw podcast ~ above Tuesday, the previous Bachelorette revealed that if she can relive her season 10, she wouldn't give her last increased to her final two suitors, mockery Murray and also Nick Viall — instead, she'd select Chris Soules, who came in third place.

"Honestly, if I had actually to pick a various person from mine season, it would not have been Nick, that was second. It would have actually been kris Soules, that was third," claimed Dorfman, 33, who got involved to Murray, 36, ~ above the finale. (They break-up months later.)

She admitted that at the time, Soules, 39, "was mine buddy, he was my friend, and I really preferred Nick and also Josh."

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For Dorfman, she claimed she felt an extremely comfortable with Soules. "Chris was kind of like my safety and security blanket. He was the guy that I could go top top a date with and like, i knew that we could like, have actually a great time. There wasn't a ton that pressure. Like, he to be a relief."



"I knew once the final three come down, i was like, 'I must actually get serious around these final two,' and so I kind of had to eliminate him together like, a safety net," she said, including that the "definitely wouldn't have actually been Nick, it wouldn't have actually been everyone else ns don't think."

After her stint as Bachelorette — and also breakup through Murray — Dorfman confirmed that she did not date any kind of of her suitors from the season.

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"It was done," she said, and included that "most of my season walk on to be Bachelors — both Nick and also Chris went on to be Bachelors at some point." (Soules walk on to be the season 19 Bachelor and was followed by Viall, 40, that starred ~ above season 21.)

"Not in a bad means that ns wouldn't execute it again, just like, I actually really appreciated doing it," stated Dorfman, who introduced her brand-new subscription-based fitness app, Andorfins, earlier this month. "It to be great, i traveled. I have still — even though that didn't work-related out — have a an excellent taste in my mouth around it. Like, ns traveled the world, i met really cool vxcialistoufjg.com, I had actually this experience. Ns don't know, ns don't think I'd desire to perform it again."

Recently, in early December, Dorfman and fellow Bachelorette Becca Kufrin auctioned turn off a dual date night v them and also two pan in Los Angeles — an event that services St. Jude Children's research study Hospital.

The lucky winner and a friend will gain a pretty meal with Dorfman and also Kufrin and also be able come hear all about their experience on The Bachelorette and also The Bachelor.

"Becca and also I are so happy to have the ability to support St. Jude's study Hospital," Dorfman said vxcialistoufjg.com. "This cause is an excellent because it helps to discover a healing for youngsters with cancer which affects so many around this country and this world."

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