by Jeremy Moser and Elias Weiss - Star-Tribune staff Sep 17, 2020 Sep 17, 2020 updated Sep 18, 2020

Investigator Baxter shows the Star-Tribune the exact location where Andy Banks"s continues to be were uncovered today.

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Jeremy Moser/Star Tribune

Updated court records display that Justin Fernando Merritt, 34, has been charged with felony murder in wake County, phibìc Carolina. 

Clerk personnel in the wake up County salesperson of Court"s office were able to check that Merritt is charged with the killing of wilhelm "Andy" Banks. 

Thursday afternoon, search parties of Raleigh Police department officers and also Pittsylvania county Sheriff"s department deputies found the continues to be of banks on the next of Irish roadway in Chatham in the 3800 block. 

Danville Police reported Merritt was arrested Tuesday for being discovered in possession that a stolen vehicle and also is facing additional charges of larceny that a engine vehicle, armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a judge felon. 

Merritt has a court appearance booked in wake County court Friday morning because that the charge of felony murder. 

This story will be updated as much more information i do not care available. 

Update 9/17:

Pittsylvania ar Sheriff"s Office Investigator rick Baxter this afternoon solely showed the Star-Tribune the exact location whereby Raleigh and Pittsylvania Police together found the human body of wilhelm "Andy" Banks.

Baxter and also his team discovered the human body at 3800 Irish road in Chatham.

The remains were uncovered laying in the tall grass.

Banks"s body is gift transported come Roanoke Memorial Hospital for an autopsy, Baxter said.

Update 3:20 p.m.:

Sources confirmed to the Star-Tribune this afternoon that the stays of 39-year-old Raleigh guy William "Andy" banks were discovered by investigators top top Beechnut roadway in landscape Chatham.

"It to be Raleigh detectives that came up to our door, walking ours farm," a local resident called the Star-Tribune. "They stated they were looking for him and also asked if we witnessed his <2011 range Rover> ~ above Saturday."

This local resident own the residential property searched now by Raleigh detectives. She reported seeing 30 Raleigh police units about her Beechnut Road building this morning.

"They stated they would bring cadaver dogs by later when it quit raining," the regional resident continued. "But climate they came by and said, "Just wanted to let you know we discovered him, say thanks to you.""

Investigators reportedly supplied geo-location to triangulate a cabinet phone affiliated in this case, and also it pinged for 20 minutes about the regional resident"s property.

Raleigh Police in conjunction with the Virginia dot blocked off course 703 by Beechnut road this afternoon v flares sending warning smoke right into the air.

Update Sept. 17 1:29 p.m.:

Police today are treating the disappearance of william "Andy" Banks as a homicide.

Tuesday, Danville police arrested Danville man Justin Fernando Merritt, 34, on fees of robbery, larceny of engine vehicle and also possession that a firearm by judge felon in connection with the steal vehicle. 

Banks"s silver 2011 variety Rover SUV was reportedly under a tarp in a vacant building on Merritt"s street.

Police reportedly discovered Merritt in possession the the SUV, together with an illegally-obtained handgun, ammunition, three cell phones and two spent covering casings.

According come WNCN in Raleigh, prosecutors claimed there was zero evidence of criminal conduct by Banks.

Merritt claimed he intends on hiring his very own lawyer, follow to WNCN. Referee Ned Mangum raised Merritt’s bond from $265,000 come $2 million.

This afternoon, a Star-Tribune reporter located 5 Raleigh Police room vehicles in the parking most Vandola Baptist Church in Pittsylvania County.

The Raleigh Police Department might not check why the policemans were in this location, yet could confirm that examination of the financial institutions case remains ongoing.

Update Sept. 16:

Justin Fernando Merritt, 34, of Danville, was arrested now in link with the loss of wilhelm "Andy" Banks out that Raleigh Saturday afternoon.

Merritt is at this time in the Danville City Jail, yet reports say he will be extradited to Raleigh.

Merritt is gift charged with robbery, larceny of engine vehicle and also possession the a firearm by convicted felon in link with the stolen vehicle.

Danville policed shown to the Star-Tribune yesterday that they to be assisting in the search for financial institutions after he went missing in Raleigh, and leads inserted his car and also cell phone call in the Danville area.

Later yesterday, CBS17 reported DPD uncovered Banks"s auto in Danville.

Banks has yet to be found and also the investigation is ongoing.

Original story Sept. 15:

The Raleigh, north Carolina, police department reported 39-year-old wilhelm "Andy" Banks missing Saturday and also is asking for the public"s help to locate him.

Banks to be last seen around 2 p.m. Saturday in Raleigh, in the Cameron town area, one upscale shopping and residential district.

"He met two world from Craigslist to shot and offer his car," friend Amanda Finch told the Star-Tribune this morning. "He there is no been seen or heard from since."

Banks is blond and also 6 feet tall, last viewed wearing blue Patagonia shorts, a gray shirt through a picture of a hill on the front and also flip flops.

A respondent come Finch"s facebook post around Banks"s disappearance reported see his silver 2012 selection Rover off the U.S. 29 bypass in Blairs, by the stop sign, with the lamp turned off.

"I didn"t think much of it, other than that to be a weird spot to leaving a selection rover," the respondent said.

The last sighting of his automobile was last night about 8:30 p.m.

Banks"s mobile was likewise found on phibìc Carolina federal government 440 heading west native Raleigh towards Danville.

"We have friends that are tech people," Finch said. "They to be able to look v Andy"s messages v a cloud ~ above his laptop that was at home. They to be able to discover out the the phone number lock were using to message Andy to be a burner phone."

The burner call was supposedly last pinged in Danville.

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Anyone through information about this situation or that sees banks should contact the Raleigh Police room at 919-996-3335.