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The genuine Housewives the Atlanta"s season 14 cast is coming together, so saysHousewivesexecutive producer Andy Cohen.

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"You know what? We are noodling through the construction of Atlanta together we speak," Cohen tells ET"s Matt Cohen while promoting his brand-new Peacock seriesEx-Rated. When ET request if rumors circulating the Porsha Williams and also Cynthia Bailey can be out of the line-up, and franchise OG Sheree Whitfield couldreturn, Cohen traction a scrap item of file out the the garbage basket in ~ his desk.

"I just threw out a little piece of paper that has the surname of that I think the actors will be," that reveals. "I am not going to display you ... There are six names top top this list."

Six would be one an ext "Wife 보다 season 13, which featured Porsha, Cynthia, Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore and Drew Sidora, butthe number is as lot as theWatch What wake up Livehost available up once it came to aRHOAupdate (and Bravo does not comment on in-the-works casting). Cohendid confess come wanting to check out Sheree ago on the tiny screen as soon as asked around which former Housewives from any type of city he"d like to bring earlier to TV. She last appeared as a actors member in season 10, which perfect airing in 2018.

"I constantly loveSheree," he gushes. "I mean, we just brought Heather Dubrow ago in Orange County and I thought that was great. It would be funny -- ns think it would be fun to carry someone back who no one would -- ns mean, world talk about Dorinda or Lisa Vanderpump or... I always like the curveball and also the human being saying, "What?! You"rebringing earlier this person?!" ns think Monique would be funny in Potomac."

While any of those returns continue to be to it is in seen, viewers have the right to see a lot an ext of Cohen on display screen inEx-Rated, a brand-new dating/social experiment streaming show on Peacock, in which people get a chance to be graded on some intimate object by your exes.

"I am going to say pretty lot everybody that came ~ above the show left feeling favor they had actually a better picture of who they were as a friend or a girlfriend, and also it was actually wound up being informative," Cohen promises. "It was choose relationship bootcamp."

"It is voyeuristic, the is sex positive and it is additionally informative," he adds. "And it is entertaining."

While Cohen has actually no plan to take the hot seat ~ above the show himself (at least not yet), that does see the value in participating in the show and finding advantage in hear one"s faults from someone that knows friend intimately.

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"I mean, I constantly do," he says."If Italk come an ex --I tho have an excellent relationships through pretty much every one of my exes -- and sometimes ns say, "What was I choose in X or Y situation?"And it is always interesting to hear various other people"s perspectives. I always seem to date world who psychic every word ns have ever said to them, i beg your pardon is, you know, alarming, but additionally educational because that me because I mental nothing."

All eight illustration ofEx-Rated"s student in the first year run start streaming ~ above Peacock ~ above Thursday, Aug. 12.

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