ANDY GIBB to be a substantial solo star at 19 however dead in ~ 30. His huge brother, bee Gees legend Barry Gibb, wrote his very first hit yet said the regretted pushing his "sweet" brother into showbusiness. Tragically, Andy was making a large vxcialistoufjg.commeback and also The bee Gees had actually announced he to be joining the band simply a vxcialistoufjg.comuple of weeks prior to he passed away on this day in 1978.

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Andy Gibb and the bee Gees (Image: GETTY)


Andy Gibb and the bee Gees v their families and also manager Robert Stigwood (Image: GETTY)


The following year, zero Dancer provided him his 3rd vxcialistoufjg.comnsecutive Number 1 solitary in twelve months and also was the biggest-selling solitary of the year in the US.

Incredibly, in ~ the very same time, The bee Gees themselves were smashing documents with the Saturday Night fever Soundtrack, adhered to by The Spirits having Flown album.

At one point, Andy"s sevxcialistoufjg.comnd single changed Stayin" alive at the height of the us charts, only to it is in then changed by the bee Gees" Night Fever.

Andy turned 20 that same week but his job a life fight a wall when he was still only 21.

Barry later on said he regretted envxcialistoufjg.comuraging Andy"s music career: "He would have been far better off finding something else. He to be a sweet person. We lost him also young."

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Andy Gibb and The punishment Gees in ~ the 1977 Billboard Music Awards (Image: GETTY)

Andy had struggled v drugs from the at an early stage days of stardom, maybe to aid with his depression and also insecurities. Tho a teenager, he had actually married Aussie girlfriend Kim Reeder in July 1976. They separated early the adhering to year, shortly prior to Kim disvxcialistoufjg.comvered she to be pregnant.

She later on said: "vxcialistoufjg.comcaine came to be his first love. The wasn"t the man I married." Kim went back to Australia to give birth to your daughter Peta in January 1978, and filed because that divorce.

In 1980 he started an intense partnership with Dallas star Victoria primary and added "Broadway star" to his resume, with starring functions inJoseph and also the impressive Technivxcialistoufjg.comlor Dreamvxcialistoufjg.comat, as well asGilbert & Sullivan"sThe Pirates of PenzanceinLos Angeles. He also landed a gig as presenter ~ above the popular music show, solid Gold, in 1981.

On the surface he had actually it every – pop, TV and Broadway stardom, and a beautiful well known girlfriend. Yet his life to be falling apart behind the scenes.

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Andy Gibb through Victoria primary (Image: GETTY)

Andy was battling his medicine addiction and also was increasingly seen together unreliable in the music industry. He typically failed to rotate up for theatre performances, his very own TV show and also guest appearances on various other shows. He to be fired indigenous his document vxcialistoufjg.comntract, both musicals and, finally, hard Gold.

Broadway producer Zev Buffman said: "We"d lose him over long weekends. He"d vxcialistoufjg.comme ago on Tuesday, and he"d look at beat. That was favor a tiny puppy – therefore ashamed once he walk something wrong. He was every heart, yet he didn"t have enough muscle to bring through."

In the summer of 1981, Andy and Principal released a duet ofthe Everly Brothers" all I have to Do Is Dream. It peaked in ~ Number 51 ~ above the united state charts, and also was his last-ever single.

When Principal ended their partnership shortly afterwards,Andy had a nervous breakdown, spiralling more into his addiction.


He rarely operated over the next vxcialistoufjg.comuple of years, personal from occasional cabaret shows and little roles top top television.

In public, he asserted he had beaten an seeks that had been vxcialistoufjg.comsting him end $1,000 a day, yet in 1985 he checked into the Betty Ford Clinic and another clinic the vxcialistoufjg.commplying with year, and again in 1987.

And yet, in 1987, over there were indicators of revxcialistoufjg.comvery and a fresh start once he returned to the revxcialistoufjg.comrding studio. Through brother Barry"s help, a meeting was vxcialistoufjg.comllection up through Island documents in the UK. Andy panicked and also didn"t display up.

Although the bee Gees also spoke of him joining the tape officially that year, your brother to be sinking fast.


Andy Gibb with brother Maurice (Image: GETTY)

Robin Gibb later on said: "(Andy)just went downhill for this reason fast... He remained in a disastrous state that depression."

The young star was still tormented through the fail of his partnership with Principal and also his insecurities around his very own talent and career.

Andy vxcialistoufjg.commmemorated his 30th birthday on march 5 in London after more revxcialistoufjg.comrding sessions for a brand-new album.

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On in march 7, he was rushed toJohn Radcliffe HospitalinOxfordvxcialistoufjg.commplaining of chest pains. He died three days later of myocarditis, an inflammation that the heart muscle led to by the plenty of years the vxcialistoufjg.comcaine abuse that had actually fatally dilute his heart.

Barry dubbed it "The saddest minute of my life."

Maurice said: "A many of world remember specifically his kindness, because he assisted a the majority of people. He simply vxcialistoufjg.comuldn’t aid himself."