Barney"s bloodhound Blue was the hardest functioning actor on The Andy Griffith display

Pluto the dog showed up on a bunch of standard shows.

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When Barney Fife presented histrusty brand-new "bloodhound," Andy was not so impressed. "I don"t think that dog can find his very own food dish," Sheriff Taylor remarked. "Thanks a LOT, Blue," Barney claimed to his not-so-crackerjack pooch.

Barney was being sarcastic. We want to market our sincere thanks to ol" Blue. The canine character assisted make among the funniest episodes of The Andy Griffith Show(and more, together we"ll gain to in a bit).

By the time the dog walked top top the collection of "Barney"s Bloodhound" in 1964, that was already a long-in-the-tooth pet actor.

Pluto as Walter top top "Bonanza"

Perhaps you remember him on Hazel, in the 1961 episode "A Dog because that Harold." 2 years later, he to be scampering about the Ponderosa as Walter the Dog top top Bonanza, in the 1963 episode "A girlfriend of Walter"s." That offered viewers a good luck as the dog"s true color — an orange-brown through gray ears.

Pluto as ""The Ugliest Dog in the World""

But 1965 to be his true breakout year. The same shaggy dog turned increase in Elly May"s menagerie ~ above The Beverly Hillbillies ("Dash Riprock, girlfriend Cad") and also memorablywagged his method onto The dick Van Dyke Show as "The Ugliest Dog in the World."

Pluto top top "The Beverly Hillbillies" (left) and also "Hazel" (right)

Yes, the joke was a little cruel. He"s a cutie. Reportedly, the dog was component Otterhound. His actual name to be Pluto, and also he was among the many wonderful performers taken on by legendary Hollywood pet trainer frank Inn.

Inn to be perhaps best known for Higgins, the small terrier mix who played "Dog" ~ above Petticoat Junction and Benji. His cat, Orangey, was the most ubiquitous feline of 1960s, turning up in every little thing from Breakfast at Tiffany"s come Mission: Impossible.

Pluto in ""A Man"s best Friend""

Pluto deserves same acclaim. Certainly, The Andy Griffith Show adored him. In his hardest-working year, 1965, he returned to Mayberry, cuddling as much as Goober in "A Man"s finest Friend." Oh, and had likewise pawed his means into season two ("Jailbreak") and season three ("Dogs, Dogs, Dogs").

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He was only Blue the one time. What various other performers can claim to have portrayed four different prominentcharacters onAndy?

he looks a lot like an Airedale mix I had actually for 14 years. I just lost the a couple of months ago. He was so smart. Mine grandmother just dubbed me and also said she observed a dog the looked a lot like Tucker top top Bonanza :-) and also she was right!

to be it Allan Melvin? ns remember him playing a crook a couple times, a bully scan in front of a grocery store providing Barney fits, and additionally a recruiter having trouble through Ernest T. Bass. ???
i LOVE Heinz 57 dogs. Ns am hope we will get one more dog, My critical one was a Dachshund who died at the period of 11 native a back problem. It broke my heart, the just dog we had that love the longest was a black Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix. Her surname was Trixie and she was the sweet dog, she adored mine niece, she never left she side from the moment she to be born till she turned nine years old. Trixie died from old period at the period of nineteen.
i did 3D computer system renderings of house from the Andy Griffith Show, yet I consisted of the fourth wall, so that feels favor a real home. You"ll check out views us never acquired to check out on the show. Https://

A beautiful dog! So lot expression. It"s rumored that many, numerous of these performers were discovered at neighborhood shelters. Of food it"s the magic of the relationship in between the dog and the trainer. And Frank Inn certainly had the gold touch! many thanks for bringing united state so lot enjoyment end the years!! good story,!!
This need to be straightforward question because that a # that you: Which various other tv show/family had a pet also named Blue, and also what kind of animal was it? {Also, if anyone to know of any type of other mirrors that had actually a family pet with this name, please list the reflects and type of animal. Ns would prefer to recognize as well. Thanks!
girlfriend didn"t prize my an initial question, i beg your pardon means, obviously, you don"t understand the answer. Thanks for playing! Also, thanks for offering the surname of one more show, who character was also named Blue!

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