Many 90 day Fiancé fans have expressed that they are worn down of the town hall Angela Deem run the show. Fans think that she overbearing attitude and abusive behavior to cast members, specifically to she husband, Michael Ilesanmi, has actually gone much enough. Can this be her last season? There have actually been numerous fans begging every season for TLC to retire Angela, yet will the audience’s voice matter?

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Angela Deem and also Michael Ilesanmi ~ above ’90 work Fiancé: Happily ever After?’ | TLC

Angela has actually been a clip on ’90 job Fiancé’ and its spinoff shows

Angela is a polarizing character; there is no debate around that. She has actually boosted ratings v her outlandish behavior that boundaries on extreme for several seasons. Angela and also Michael began their trip on seasons 2 and also 3 that 90 day Fiancé: prior to the 90 Days. Then showed up on the initial 90 job Fiancé show in season 7. After ~ Angela and Michael finally got married, they showed up on 90 day Fiancé: Happily ever After? Seasons 5 and 6.

This means that Angela and Michael have showed up on a total of 5 seasons so far. No to mention every one of the other smaller spinoffs ~ above discovery+. The age difference, society clash, and opposing individualities that Michael and also her share do for few of these seasons’ many interesting and also explosive parts. However, space fans growing tired of her overbearing and also borderline abusive behavior?

Many ’90 job Fiancé’ fans urge TLC to remove Angela native the show

Many fans have actually gone to Reddit to express your frustration with manufacturing to enable Angela to proceed on the show. One Reddit user post in the 90 work Fiancé subreddit, “Angela is no longer entertaining and needs to it is in fired.”

The user defines that Angela freaking out and flashing she breasts on TV to be the final straw. “This is not great TV. It will backfire top top them. Angela is no much longer a cash cow asset. She is a detriment, and if ns was the aunt that she did the to ns would demand an apology native her and the network because that this abuse. Angela is an embarrassment and if they provide her a spinoff or put her on solitary show I will certainly boycott it.”

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Many various other fans echoed that same sentiment in the comments of the thread. One user wrote, “Whatever ‘charm’ she had actually a couple of seasons ago, it’s completely gone. She is a toxic person and also honestly, at this point, she is ruining the show, and also that’s saying a lot because it’s a DRAMA show.” One commenter wrote, “If genders were reversed, Angela would be fired.”

Will the display listen to its fans?

It’s clear where the majority of fans’ opinions lie. ~ above the last two seasons of 90 job Fiancé: Happily ever After? fans have actually been complaining around the method Angeal treats Michael. Will TLC hear to the audience, or will certainly they continue to placed Angela and also Michael ~ above the show because they’re a safe bet for views?

Some fans room so upset through her actions that they’ve endangered to boycott the show entirely. While it’s more than likely not most likely that lock will remove Angela indigenous the franchise completely, it would certainly be refresh to watch some new faces on the upcoming seasons of 90 job Fiancé.

Whether or no TLC and also Sharp Entertainment will listen to its fans stays to it is in seen. That seems choose the casting has gained lazy and is recycling the cast in wishes that they will continue to carry in the numbers. It’s possible that this could have been Angela and also Michael’s critical season, and also many fans are happy about that.

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