Hollywood’s former golden couple are embroiled in one of the ugliest – and also most expensive – divorces in celeb history. Exactly how did go so wrong?




The divorce in between Hollywood icons Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is on monitor to vxcialistoufjg.coming to be the nastiest and costliest ever.

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The drawn-out battle which has been ongoing due to the fact that 2016, has seen the former couple trade barbs in divorce court, costing them millions of dollars in fees.

Jolie, 46, and also Pitt, 57, stared dating in 2005, tied the node in 2014 and also split suddenly 2 years later on in 2016.

Their divorce was finalised in 2019 however the custody battle and fight over financial assets is tho rumbling on.

Just this mainly Pitt blasted Jolie as “vindictive” in a brand-new lawsuit i m sorry alleged she was working to reduced him the end of a transaction to market her re-publishing of their $226 million property in France.

Shock split

After over a decade together and two year married, Jolie and also Pitt split in 2016, with the separation watch vxcialistoufjg.coming the end of nowhere.

The actress quote “irreconcilable differences” top top the divorce papers and requested single physical custody that their 6 children.

Since then, their break-up has been embroiled in bitterness, through the pair right now locking horns in a nasty custody dispute over 5 of their six kids; Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15 and also twins Vivienne and Knox, 13. Boy Maddox is currently 20.


The human rights advocate has actually been fighting Pitt in court because they separation in September 2016.

Private jet incident

At the time of the separation, a rep for the actress said: “This decision was made for the health and wellness of the family,”

It soon arised that an incident on the couple’s private jet caused a son abuse investigation right into Pitt.

It was claimed at the moment that the trojan actor had actually been drinking and got into a fight through Jolie. Their child Maddox stepped in to stop it and got right into an altercation with Brad.

In November 2016, Pitt was cleared by the LA County department of Children and Family Services.

The conclusion got to was there to be “not unreasonable physical contact” between them.

Later that month, a short-term custody setup was put right into place and the duo volunteered to individual counselling. Pitt also agreed to undergo drug and also alcohol testing, though he was not forced to.


In December 2016 a judge authorized a custody agreement which granted Angelina single custody and Pitt “agreed-upon therapeutic visitations with the kids”.

It was reported in July 2020 that Pitt and also Maddox still perform not have contact with every other.

“That relationship continues to it is in non-existent” a source said at the time.

In march this year, Maddox testified in court against his dad in the child custody case. A source told united state Weekly the “wasn’t really flattering toward Brad”.

Very windy divorce

In December 2016, Pitt’s request for one emergency hearing to seal all files related vxcialistoufjg.come his custody situation was denied.

A source at the moment told ET that the Fight society actor filed the movement to seal the records “because he wants to store this custody fight out of the general public eye to protect his children”.

Another source for Jolie called ET the the actress was no trying to do brad look at bad.

Angelina’s team is not opposed vxcialistoufjg.come sealing the documents,” a source said at the time.

“There have actually been plenty of reports the Angelina desires to save these papers public to make Brad watch bad. The is false. As the document states, their custody covenant was currently legally binding.

“The only reason vxcialistoufjg.come formally record it through a court would certainly be to enforce the agreement due to the fact that one the the parties to be trying to adjust it and that is what was happening.

“Brad to be attempting to collection up his very own schedule with the children,” the resource further claimed. “He was not relying top top the advice the the healthcare experts what must be done. In order vxcialistoufjg.come keep everything in line v the custody agreement, it had to it is in reinforced in court. As such that forced Angelina’s side to paper it within the courts.”

Relations appeared to have actually improved in January 2017 once they mutual their an initial joint statement about the proceedings and agreeing to store court records private.

“The parties and also their counsel have actually signed agreements to keep the privacy legal rights of your children and family by keeping all court records confidential and also engaging a personal judge to make any necessary legit decisions and to facilitate the expeditious resolution of any type of remaining issues,” the statement read.

“The parents are vxcialistoufjg.committed to act as a joined front vxcialistoufjg.come effectuate recovery and reunification.”

Child support disagreement

Then in august 2018, Pitt to be hit through accusations from Jolie the he had not to be paying any “meaningful” son support because that a year-and-a-half.

A court filing stated Jolie to be planning to gain a court bespeak mandating the he pay it.

Pitt’s lawyer responded denying he hadn’t paid far-ranging child support and also claimed he’d paid Jolie end $12.45 million because their September 2016 split.

“Petitioner’s inquiry is unnecessary, omits material information and also is a thinly veiled initiative to manipulate media coverage,” Pitt’s solution read.

Furthermore, his lawyers stated Jolie’s insurance claims in court records that the gibbs hasn’t paid enough child support were “calculated to increase the conflict”.

Around the very same time, Jolie begged a judge to finalise her divorce from the actor and also make her a solitary woman again.

Amicable agreement

Around the two-year anniversary of their split, a source revealed Jolie and also Pitt had actually been working on their co-parenting relationship.

“Brad and also Angelina actually set up a secret meeting at her house,” a source told ET. “It’s the first time they have actually truly gotten together to make things work due to the fact that their group therapy through the children. Brad and also Angie’s meeting was a success. They room going to continue to be with the plan set forth with the courts.”

“Angelina chose it was time to try to make points work and Brad to be relieved and really ready for the offer,” the resource said. “Brad has actually been devoted to making tranquility throughout the procedure and currently it finally seems choose they room at a suggest where castle can develop a calmer instance for the kids.”

Custody battle

While the pair officially divorce in 2019, the custody battle still earnings on together Pitt has requested an ext time v his children.

In May, Pitt to be granted share custody that the couple’s kids, a relocate which Jolie vowed to challenge.

The Salt actress declared that three of their kids wanted to testify against Pitt yet were clogged from doing for this reason by Judge john Ouderkirk.

A source told united state Weekly: “Angelina feels it’s extremely essential that the kids’ feelings around who they want to basically spend time with room heard.

“She isn’t forcing the kids to testify. She has actually taken the advice that the children’s therapists. She is positive that going forward, with an impartial and fair judge, the children will be able to testify.”

Judge Ouderkirk is the exclusive judge the pair initially agreed ~ above to keep their divorce details sealed.

He supposedly officiated their wedding back in 2014.

Weeks later, a California appeals court disqualified judge Ouderkirk due to the fact that he had actually allegedly no sufficiently expose matters involving lawyers because that Pitt.

The lower courts supposedly ruled in Jolie’s favour to remove Judge Ouderkirk and also dropped his ruling from the custody case.

Lawyers because that Pitt said the error do by judge Ouderkirk was minor and also was reportedly not precious pulling the end of his custody ruling.

The lawyers declared the actress was allegedly looking for any type of reason to gain the judge removed from the case.

A statement indigenous Pitt’s lawyers said: “We space seeking evaluation in the California supreme Court because the short-lived judge, who had been appointed and also repeatedly fix up by both sides, was improperly disqualified after giving a detailed, fact-based custodial decision, adhering to a lengthy legal process with multiple witnesses and also experts.”

‘What’s ideal for the children’

In July, the court ruled: “Judge Ouderkirk’s moral breach, considered together with the info disclosed concerning his recent skilled relationships through Pitt’s counsel, might cause an objective person, mindful of all the facts, sensibly to entertain a doubt as to the judge’s capability to be impartial. Disqualification is required,” follow to the associated Press.

A spokesperson for Pitt called The Sun adhering to the court’s decision: “The appeals court judgment was based upon a technological procedural issue. The facts haven’t changed.

“There is one extraordinary quantity of factual evidence which led the referee – and also the countless experts that testified – vxcialistoufjg.come reach their clear conclusion around what is in the children’s best interests. We will proceed to carry out what’s important legally based upon the in-depth findings the what’s finest for the children.”

Angie opens up around trauma

In an emotionally interview through the UK’s Guardian critical month, Jolie claimed her traumatic experiences had left she “broken”.

She told the publication her hurt had actually spanned much longer than the 5 years since her separation with Pitt, and said: “I mean, in some methods it’s to be the critical decade.

“There’s a lot ns can’t say.”

She added: “I think in ~ the finish of the day, also if you and also a couple of people friend love are the only human being who understand the reality of her life, what friend fight for, or what friend sacrifice, or what you’ve suffered, you concerned be at tranquility with that, nevertheless of whatever going on roughly you.”

The high-profile exes, previously dubbed Brangelina, have already spent millions on their high-profile custody battle.

Chateau Miraval

In a sue made windy this week, Pitt accused the Maleficent actress of “systematic obstruction” for allegedly functioning to cut Pitt the end of a transaction to offer her re-publishing of their home in France.

The pair has actually 50-50 share in the mansion and also vineyard, which supplied to organize a special meaning for them together it’s where they married in 2014.

The $226 million legacy is supposedly owned by the agency Quimicum, i m sorry is vxcialistoufjg.component owned through Pitt with his firm Mondo Bongo and also by Jolie via her vxcialistoufjg.company Nouvel.

The sue alleged Jolie is do the efforts to sell her shares without permitting Pitt his “right of first refusal and profit,” in spite of the “incredible lot of work, time and also money” that he has declared to put into it.

The papers claimed: “It is worth discussing that, for the last four years, Nouvel did not act in the finest interest of Quimicum by systematically delaying the approval the the yearly accounts and also the renewal of the manager.

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“We recognize that behind this systematic obstruction, the real function of Nouvel and its shareholder is to sell its stake in Chateau Miraval SA in a method that would certainly circumvent Mondo Bongo’s best of very first refusal.

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“Taking, together a result, a capital gain elevated thanks vxcialistoufjg.come Mondo Bongo’s investment and to i m sorry Nouvel did not contribute.”