The Los Angeles Angels’ rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart died in a auto accident early Thursday morning right after pitching a video game in Anaheim, CA.

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The driver that a minivan ran a red light in Fullerton and hit two cars. Follow to lot of reports the end of the Los Angeles area, three human being were killed in the crash, and one to be seriously injured.

Adenhart, 22, was one of three people connected in the crash beforehand Thursday after ~ pitching in a loss versus the Oakland Athletics.

He gained a no-decision after six scoreless innings, providing up 7 hits, striking out five and walking 3 in simply his fourth major league start.

The minivan’s driver fled the scene and was later arrested. Andrew thomas Gallo, 22, the Riverside will challenge charges that manslaughter, felony steering under the influence and also hit-and-run…

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