In the leaked video interviews, SEAL Team 7 members explained seeing Gallagher targeting civilians, consisting of a 12-year-old child, and fatally stabbing a wounded captive with a searching knife.

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Gallagher was eventually acquitted by a army jury in July of killing charges however was demoted after gift convicted the posing because that a photo with the ISIS captive’s body. However, he to be ultimately spared all punishment after president Trump

Donald TrumpTrump organization exec no expecting to confront charges, lawyer states Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces bill to compensation Congressional gold Medal come Rittenhouse Drones space a strategy liability for US an ext intervened in November and restored his rank. 

Gallagher’s lawyer told the Times the the video interviews were complete of inconsistencies and falsehoods that produced “a clear road map to the acquittal.”

The times reports that in the video interviews v investigators, "three SEALs said they saw Chief Gallagher walk on to stab the sedated captive because that no reason, and then organize an immediate re-enlistment ceremony end the body, as if it to be a trophy."“I to be listening come it, and also I was just thinking, like, this is the most disgraceful point I’ve ever before seen in my life,” distinct Operator 1st course Craig miller stated.

Social media posts from previously this week confirmed Gallagher conference Trump and an initial lady Melania Trump

Melania TrumpRNC pushes back against call because that chair"s resignation over LGBT outreach trumped Tower bar selling presidential cocktail v side of Diet Coke, beef sliders Cheney knocks Ted Cruz: "A real guy would it is in defending his wife" much more at Trump"s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Gallagher showed up to offer the president a folded, black-and-white ISIS flag. In one Instagram post, Gallagher described the flag as a gift to the chairman from his time in Mosul, Iraq.

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The leaked materials published through the Times additionally included thousands of message messages exchanged between platoon members, revealing some hesitancy to come forward about Gallagher for are afraid of retribution and also threats the violence.

“Tell the truth, don’t lie or embellish,” one member called the rather in a team text in 2017, once they first reportedly tried come report the chief. “That way, he can not say that us slandered him in any way.”