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FacebookAngie J"s season 7 illustration of "My 600 Lb. Life" airs this evening at 10 p.m. ET top top TLC. Review on to view what she"s to be up to because her episode premiered.

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Angie J, whose complete name is Angela Marie Dunham-Johns, is the topic of tonight’s re-run illustration of My 600 Lb Life. The official TLC synopsis because that tonight’s episode reads, “At end 600-lbs, Angie is make the efforts to obtain to Houston to watch Dr. Nowzaradan, in expect of getting weight loss surgical procedure to conserve her life. However family conflict and disagreements might stop she from gift able to carry out what she needs prior to she also gets the chance.”

Angie was 643 pounds once she very first began her load loss journey. The truth star was molested at a very young age, and then raped as soon as she to be 13-years-old, leading to pregnancy. Angie provided her boy away (as she was just a boy herself at the time), however she thought about the bond with her rapist she “first relationship.” She ultimately turned to food to cope v her past, and also quickly started getting weight.

So those going on through Angie today? because TLC is re-airing her episode tonight, fans might be wondering wherein she is now, and also if she controlled to lose any type of weight due to the fact that she last appeared on the show. Here’s what us know around Angie’s life today:

Angie Was an extremely Combative v Dr. Currently & Was smoking Marijuana

Angie was one of the most controversial, combative subjects of Season 7, and the reality star left fairly the impression ~ above viewers. Not only did she suspicion Dr. Currently of “punishing” her with his weight loss goals, she generally called his weight loss regime “bulls–t” and refused to cooperate through his diet restrictions.

She also called her husband a “loser” and also “pathetic” as soon as he wouldn’t go into a save for her, and also she on regular basis berated her daughter Desiree, who was her main caregiver in ~ the time, according to Starcasm.

Dr. Now additionally accused Angie of utilizing drugs when she was involved with his weight loss program. At one point, the medical professional told she he can tell she was on drugs by the means she was talking and slurring her words on the telephone. After he ordered a toxicology test, it was revealed that Angie tested confident for marijuana use; she was likewise a hefty smoker throughout her time on the show.

She appears to have Lost part Weight

Judging through her facebook profile picture, Angie appears to have lost a couple of more pounds since her illustration aired, in spite of only losing a complete of 48 pounds throughout her journey with Dr. Now. Although there aren’t plenty of full body or progress pictures of Angie top top the social media site, that looks choose she has actually lost at the very least some load in she face, although it’s unclear exactly how much exactly.

She frequently articles selfies top top Facebook, and her fans frequently flood the comment section with encouraging words while praising how an excellent the reality star looks. She likewise occasionally write-ups inspirational memes and referrals come her pan page.

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Tune in tonight at about 10 p.m. ET top top TLC to capture Angie’s journey on My 600 Lb. Life (the episode can be contempt delayed as result of a sneak height of the new season). In the meantime, don’t forget to check out this author’s profile for more entertainment news and TV coverage.

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