It"s no secret that the set of the hit series "Two and also a half Men" to be rife through drama. Although the show was plagued by scandal, the ran for 12 seasons on CBS, garnering over 10 million viewers with each airing and also earning nine Emmys because that the present overall, therefore one deserve to see why it remained in CBS"s best interest to store the show on the air — regardless of all the headaches it resulted in them (via People).

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Most notoriously, actor Charlie Sheen, who illustrated Charlie Harper on the show and also was ostensibly the star that the series, pertained to loggerheads through its creator lining Lorre (via Deadline). Together Sheen"s battles with addiction became an ext and more evident, Sheen started to act in difficult ways, make life daunting for the show"s cast and also crew.

Eventually, sufficient was enough, and also Sheen to be fired native the show in march 2011. ~ above his firing, Warner Bros. — the studio that created "Two and also a fifty percent Men" — detailed Sheen"s outlandish habits in a letter, stating, "his inability to perform the essential duties the his position, (including) his physical appearance, i can not qualify to deliver lines, i can not qualify to collaborate creatively v staff and crew, i can not qualify to job-related with the executive producers." Furthermore, Sheen instability to be "poisoning vital working relationships, and also frustration of the show"s an imaginative environment by the general public spectacle the his self-inflicted disintegration."

So it would certainly be understandable if Sheen"s main co-stars (the various other man and also a fifty percent in question) hated gift on the show due to the fact that of Sheen"s antics — however, Angus T. Jones, who played young Jake Harper, disliked his duty on the present for an entirely different reason.

For those unfamiliar through "Two and also a fifty percent Men" the show can get, well, rather raunchy at times. .. At least as raunchy together you can acquire in a network sitcom.

Angus T. Jones was first cast on the present when he was only 10 year old, and also with age, Jones eventually became much more religious, going on to join a Seventh-day Adventist Church (via The Forerunner Chronicles). Jones would certainly then uncover that his beliefs were in comparison with the display he showed up on, speak the present was "filth" and also even informing audiences they have to no longer tune in. "You can not be a true God-fearing person and be ~ above a television present like that," the said.

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Jones would then exit the present a couple of years later, in season 10. The his decision the told People, "It was making irradiate of subject in our world that room really problems for a many people. I was a paid hypocrite because I wasn"t okay v it, however I to be still doing it."

Jones would later on apologize because that his comments and even went on to appear in the "Two and a half Men" series finale (via Variety). Together of 2016, Jones has pulled ago from religious beliefs a bit, and is also considering exhilaration again (via People). But no issue what Jones decides to execute next, that doesn"t need to do it for money — many thanks to "Two and also a fifty percent Men" the 27-year-old is precious $20 million (via Celebrity network Worth).