After gaining blown the end in continuous years, Team Fluff turn the tables in Sunday"s Puppy key XIII through a 93-38 win over Team Ruff.

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Team Fluff to be led by 17-week-old poodle mix Rory, who set the tone with three touchdowns in the an initial quarter and took house Most beneficial Pup honors in a video game that observed Fluff set a brand-new scoring record.

Animal earth tweeted a photograph with the MVP pictured in the center:

Cocker spaniel-bichon frise mix Nikita added three touchdowns and also a field goal for Team Fluff en route to securing the prestigious Lombarki Trophy.

Paul Reindl the The Mighty 1090 in mountain Diego shared a look in ~ the Lombarki Trophy, i m sorry was an ideal prize for the victorious pups:


Big shoutout come Team Fluff that absolutely dismantles Team Ruff 93-38 to success the Lombarki Trophy in #PuppyBowlXIII

While the on-field action was the main emphasis Sunday, over there is no concern that the stars came out to assistance the four-legged athletes.

United says women"s nationwide soccer team stars Ali Krieger and also Ashlyn Harris were amongst those in attendance:

Ashlyn_Harris for coming come visit the #PuppyBowl Experience! virtually time because that kickoff! #USWNT


The WNBA"s Washington Mystics likewise shared a photo of the newly acquired Elena Delle Donne and also softball legend Jennie Finch:

Even celebrities the the canine variety showed up, such as Ella p The Dog, courtesy of pet Planet:

Team Fluff acquired off come a red-hot begin Sunday by building a huge lead in the very first quarter that it would never ever relinquish.

Rory was generally responsible because that that, and Chris Vernon of The Ringer had no doubt that he would certainly be well-known for his dominance:

Although he didn"t get himself in the MVP conversation, Alexander Hamilpup was a significant contributor to Team Fluff"s success as well.

On peak of that, he most likely picked up plenty of fans v his antics, as pet Planet shared:

Despite being your namesake, the Puppy key wasn"t entirely about dogs.

There were chinchilla and also owl mascots, bunny and guinea pig cheerleaders, and also even a bird called Meep dealing with social media.

In addition, there to be an entertaining kitten halftime display capped through a stirring power from the Chicago rock Cats:

Team Fluff had a big lead to start the second half and continued to build upon it for the remainder the the game.

By the time the activity reached its conclusion, Team Fluff had left no doubt the it deserved to victory the 13th edition of the Puppy Bowl.

As actor Wil Wheaton pointed out, however, the cuteness displayed by every one of the puppies associated meant there were plenty more winners:


The main winner of #PuppyBowl is every one of us that watched it and also smiled for two directly hours, through occasional squees.

All the the dogs affiliated in the Puppy Bowl are rescues, and also it was revealed in ~ the conclusion that the broadcast that numerous of castle have currently been adopted.

While the Puppy bowl is great in terms of watching adorable animals run around and also play, that helps spread a an ext important message.

The puppies recorded plenty of mind Sunday, and also with animal Planet stressing the importance of adoption, those who have actually yet to uncover a forever house may not have to wait lot longer.

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All puppy information courtesy of animal Planet.