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An Evergreen Park family members is questioning how their shed dog was injured after gift taken in by a city animal shelter.

Ann and Greg smith tell WGN their 12-year-old English boxer called Dempsey, to be battered and bruised ~ slipping the end of your backyard if their kids played.

Dempsey is ago at home but not prior to his wounds and injuries alarmed the smith family.

Earlier this week, Dempsey was situated by someone in the neighborhood, according to the Smiths. The discovery was posted on Facebook and the an excellent Samaritan contacted the police. The responding officer took Dempsey to the animal Welfare league in Chicago Ridge.

“He was likewise filthy,” Greg blacksmith said. “Like they put him a dirty cage.”

Ann to be alerted come the on facebook post about Dempsey around an hour after that escaped. Once she went to the pet Welfare league to bring him home, Dempsey had visible wounds.


“He has bad wounds come his ear,” Greg blacksmith said. “About 7 or eight puncture wounds all around his head.”

The story relayed to Ann from a shelter volunteer is what when on a walk, Dempsey was assaulted by an additional dog.

WGN got to out come the animal Welfare League. A spokesperson authorize a explain saying the the most logical explanation is that Dempsey and another dog got into a “minor skirmish before being carried apart through AWL employee members.”

“We do not know precisely how the two dogs in reality came into contact since no one actually witnessed it (If they had, there wouldn’t have actually been a skirmish),” the declare read.

The spokesperson, man Fanning, adds “that probably Dempsey was the aggressor.”

“We were curious regarding how a an elderly dog like this could become separated native its owners,” Fanning said. “Typically, dogs this period do no stray far from residence without great reason.”

The Smiths take it Dempsey to your vet. He was put on numerous anti-biotics and also continues come recover.


“It might have to be a lot of worse,” Ann smith said.

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The Smiths say the experience has actually left them feeling lost, adding that there is no means they think Dempsey was the aggressor.

“He loves every the cuddles,” Ann blacksmith said.

AWL states it has actually apologized and also offered treatment for Dempsey’s wounds but the Smiths declined, saying the they felt more comfortable taking their dog to their own veterinarian.

AWL speak WGN they space willing to pay the $130 bill the the Smiths incurred. However, the Smiths stated that is news to them.