why so many personalities in manga and anime cover your one eye with hair,patch,ect?every manga come up with a story for it yet its many manga and also anime in ~ least have actually one one eye personality in them.anyone one knows the reason?

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lots that resons but some time no factor at all yet still have one eye charactersjust googled it and also many people suggest that illuminati sign? anyone agree?
And it's the fan that walk it. No the smoking porn reading rubik cube genius rape ape v a magic boat.

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snow_bunny1 said:why therefore many personalities in manga and also anime cover your one eye v hair,patch,ect?every manga come up with a story because that it yet its most manga and anime at least have actually one one eye personality in them.anyone one knows the reason?
for the life the me ns cant think of one anime with two together charactersto answer her question, i will quote tvtropeshttp://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/EyepatchOfPower
tvtropes said:Something covers one of the character"s eyes. It can be one eyepatch, a an especially concealing haircut, or a tilted hachimaki. Every little thing it is, and also however it came to be, with Fashionable Asymmetry it nicely conveys the reality that the wearer is either 1) an knowledgeable combatant or 2) privately a badass. Perhaps both.
and the various other trope related to eyepatcheshttp://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/EyepatchAfterTimeskipbut that is rareron a an ext personal note, girls v hair end one eye rotate me on;hair_over_one_eye is just one of my favourite sign on the boorus
Whoah whoah, your simple, logical services to troubles blown out of proportion are not welcome here.
Because their depth late is too great so they cover up one eye to make it normal? #graspingatstraws
"This is the floor of the increasing sun, your desecration shall no be allowed. Hear me! i am the god Yato. Ns hereby lay thee waste with the Seki and expel thy large defilement. Ns cleanse thee!"-Yato-Noragami"

They lost an eye( and have a dramatic previous that will come right into play later).They"re hetero chromatic.They have actually magical eye powers that will come right into play later.
I personally don"t favor those characters. Thus I have tendency to avoid everything that has something to carry out with eye patches.
Pokemon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Negima, Higurashi, Umineko, Pupa, and Pani Poni Dash.All instances of anime the don"t have actually eye spot characters.
"Canaan. You're a victim whose previous was taken far by war. And also she's a defeated person who lost her past in a strength struggle. Soldiers who are born within devastation take hatred as their weapon. Even though you and her ended up being soldiers for the exact same reason, you both live differently. Listen Canaan, girlfriend cannot respond to hatred through hatred... Ever." -Siam, Canaan
moonkingdomify said:Pokemon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Negima, Higurashi, Umineko, Pupa, and also Pani Poni Dash.All examples of anime that don"t have eye job characters.
haha but we room talking about eye covered with hair,patch,ect not one eye characters.Mod Edit: an unified duplicated posts; please usage the edit button.
Because it"s trendy and popular.Even despite I likewise dislike the a bit, because, imo, it"s much from gift cool/badass/cute/moe or whatever and also nowadays it simply shows absence of originality. No offense to those who favor them.
Tarou and Sachiko recognize each various other for a long time. However they aren't childhood friends. They're childhood rivals/enemies. They compete and also fight all the time and get in trouble since of that. Deserve to they ever get along? accessible as light Novel and also manga.Start reading >>
Because that makes personalities look secret cool. Honestly, ns think eye patches space the many retarded things like King Bradely off FMA, it simply isn"t right.

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Yeah i don"t choose it either. Particularly when it"s hair that constantly covers one eye. Simply why??It"s ugly, unsettling, and also bad because that the guy"s eyesight.
It provides that serious and mysterious watch on the character then you"ll start to think the it stop magical power or something. Top top a severe comment, i don"t dislike it as lengthy as there"s a factor wearing one than simply going because that the looks!Now, this is badass
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