"I"m certain there are lots of funny jokes about people dying. These weren"t those," the conservative writer tells THR around celebrities joking around her death at the plunder Lowe taping.

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At Saturday night’s taping the theComedy central Roast of rob Lowe,the celebrities took shots at Ann Coulter, who was additionally there to roast Lowe.

The conservative political commentator was hit by one comedian after another,The Hollywood Reporter formerly reported. She was dubbed a “racist c—” and a “scarecrow” by Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, and also even Peyton Manning and Jewel couldn’t mask your contempt for Coulter.

It created a periodically awkward event that left civilization wondering why a political pundit was invite to take component in the first place. Coulter, who is cultivating her publication In Trump we Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, didn’t have response herself, however she had actually plenty come say about those who appeared happier to roast her than Lowe.

The Comedy main special, which will certainly air labor Day, featured Davidson, Coulter, Manning, Jewel, plunder Riggle, Jeff Ross, Jimmy Carr, Nikki Glaser, Ralph Macchio and also roast master David Spade. Coulter speak to THR about her endure at the roast.

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Ann Coulter Gets damaged by Comics at Rob Lowe Roast

How did that come around that girlfriend were invite to a roast of rob Lowe?

No idea — it confirmed up on my publication publicity schedule.

How well carry out you know Lowe?

Not well. I’ve met the before.

When walk this devolve into a roast that you rather of Lowe?

It began with the Comedy central interview ~ above the red carpet. I did at least a half-dozen interviews, and everyone else asked me normal questions — about Lowe, whether I’d watched a roast before, the book and Donald Trump. Only Comedy Central’s interviewer went on and on around the KKK, sheets, burning crosses, David Duke and other really cutting-edge, initial stuff like that.

Why execute you think it ended up being a roast the you?

I have no idea, but it probably has something to carry out with Comedy Central’s corporate decision to relocate away from comedy — which is paying huge dividends through the Larry Wilmore and Trevor noah shows.

There were some pretty mean jokes around you, weren’t there?

I don’t notice “mean,” yet I do notice “jokes,” and I didn’t hear many of those — until I took the mic!

Did Peyton Manning speak to you a horse, or did ns misunderstand that joke?

Wow, you should not be followed by any type of boring, unoriginal civilization on Twitter. Half-brights consider it comedy yellow to congratulate anyone castle dislike for “winning the Kentucky Derby!” The only thing more bracingly initial to not-smart world is: “Stay classy!”


I thought violent rhetoric was off-limits. That’s what ns heard after sarah Palin placed a target top top a map, anyway.

People space too thin-skinned. My just rule about a joke is that it should be funny.

Which the the jokes that night offended you?

Nothing offends me. “Bored me” is a various story.

Do you get along with these folks? walk you speak to any of them around what lock said about you?

I don’t know any type of of them. I’d never ever heard of any type of of them other than Eli Manning and Jewel — and Spade and also Lowe, the course, despite I’ve never seen any type of of your movies.

How come you didn’t walk to the afterparty?

I barely make the red-eye back to NYC for a book signing top top Sunday! Naturally, i was heartbroken that I had actually to dash after the warm and also loving reception ns got. Why, ns think among them didn’t even speak to me a “Nazi c—.”

Is the press depicting this event properly, from your perspective?

I’m not sure, yet I great everyone might see the full roast, unedited. You guys at The Hollywood Reporter have actually pull. Have the right to you get the unedited version and also put it increase online? Also: tip to reporters based on the Variety review. Friend ought to get these new things they have referred to as “tape recorders” so you don’t murder people’s jokes with your crappy paraphrases.

Who wrote your jokes?

Me and also some of my friends, including the magnificent joke writer Ned Rice. Ross Bennett told me to begin with the bit about my book, due to the fact that that to be the just reason i was act it. I’ll execute garage radio as soon as I’m promoting a book. I couldn’t use lot of what was offered to me by the network since of Comedy Central’s decision to transition away native humor.

Have you discussed the roast v Lowe since then?

No — I just launched a book! i barely have actually time to speak to myself.

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You think you will certainly do an additional one of these?

Only if I’ve just published a book and if the other roasters are much more successful at every little thing it is lock do. It’s invariably the has-beens and wannabes who think it’s a great career move to assault Ann Coulter. Successful world — also committed lefties — are always perfectly lovely come me: Tim Robbins, Dave Matthews, Andy Dick and on and on and also on. I offered to dread going on politically Incorrect with “up and also coming” comedians. Yet at least on Politically Incorrect, there would certainly be just one has-been or wannabe ~ above the panel. This was whole dais that ’em.