Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross center (AMKC) is a Low-SecurityJail. The location of this prison is City of new York room of correction 18-18 Hazen Street, east Elmhurst, brand-new York, 11370. It houses the inmates over 18 year of age. This jail is administrated and operated by the brand-new York City department of corrections (DOC) .

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Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross center (AMKC) Inmate Locator and also Search Information

Prison NameAuthoritySecurity MeasurePrison TypePrison CategoryAddress CityPostal CodeCountyStateTelephone NumberPrisoner CapacityTelephone CarrierWeb Page
Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC)
New York City department of correction (DOC)
City jail
City of new York room of correction 18-18 Hazen Street, eastern Elmhurst, new York , 11370
East Elmhurst
Queens County
New York ( NY )
2388 approx.
Global Tel link (GTL) - ConnectNetwork

Note: friend should contact the management department the the state that theNew York for further details and also clarification.

How to locate an Inmate in Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC) - brand-new York?

If you want to search an inmate at this time kept at the Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross center (AMKC)of the new York state. You deserve to use the complying with ways come enquire about your inmate.

You can directly speak to to the Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC)telephone number 718-546-1500.Often, this method provides the latest and quick informationabout an inmate.

TIP: Don"t forget to save the inmate and also yourinformation in hand before you do a call. Proceed reading because that details.

When you call any management department keep details ofyour inmate in hand. This information has Full Name, Age, Gender,Date that Birth, and Inmate ID.

You should also keep your an individual information in hand like your i would Card,Driving Licence, etc. These types of information are constantly asked once youcontact any type of department.

How to Send a mail or parcel or picture in the Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC) - brand-new York?

Inmates incarcerated in the Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC) as usually permitted to receiveitems v restrictions and prior approval for security reasons.They are permitted to receive magazines, newspapers, books, and otherprinted product only from authorized vendors. The largest merchant in this group isAmazon.com .

Things to consider while sending publications or magazines:

Inmate Name and ID number along with complete attend to must it is in affixedon each book and also magazineMagazines or books should it is in in new condition and also soft covered.Hardcover or spiral bound is most most likely not acceptedTry to get the paperback execution of the publication if availableSending more than 3 publications may an outcome in refusalTry to send publications or magazines with USPSInmate can"t receive publications or magazines in solitary

Only new items are allowed and they have to not be hardcover or spiral boundfor security measures. The printed product should not contain anyabusive language, dislike speech, and also nudity, or violent content.An instance of prohibited contents is High time magazines, Playboy, etc.

Things to think about while sending out photographs:

Print the name and ID variety of the inmate on the backside the the photoTry to store the size of the photograph not larger than 4"x6"Nudity, violence, map or sexually suggestive contents is strict forbiddenDon"t send an ext than 5 image or, to be safe, 3 photos

Things to consider while sending out Holiday or birthday card:

Holiday and birthday cards re-publishing the same dominion with various other mail or package. Theyshould no contain any electronic or popup/out material. Nudity or sexually suggestivecards space forbidden. Cards have to not have glitter, stickers, etc. On them.All cards room viewed prior to they with the inmate.

You are forced to send letter or package to deal with mentioned below.If friend are sending out mail or package the first time and also you don"t have actually anypast experience, that is a great idea to contact the prison departmenton 718-546-1500 first.There could be a readjust in rules for sending out mail or package.You can additionally enquire about the perform of prohibition goods, etc.

Inmate full Name and ID

Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC)

City of brand-new York department of correction 18-18 Hazen Street, eastern Elmhurst, new York, 11370

Prohibited letter Rules:

Don"t write an individual that a third person is no allowedCrayon, glitter, glue, marker, lipstick, and also stickers space strictly prohibitedon paper contentNever use record clips or staplesScented or perfumed or fragrance record are not allowedAny map or drawing in mail files will it is in refused together it is a security risk

Note: All material is scanned and also read by staff and if they find any suspiciousmaterial, lock will refuse it and also ban you for sending additional mail.

How come Send Money in the Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross center (AMKC) - brand-new York?

Inmates that the Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross center (AMKC) have the right to receive money in various ways. They deserve to receivemoney via following permitted ways in their commissary account ~ above approval:

CashierMoney ordersChequeOnline transfer

Don"t forget to compose the full name and also ID of her inmate once you a send money bespeak orcheque. You can additionally deposit cash in ~ the prison management office or counter if the inmatehas the approval of a money deposit.

When you send money or accumulation to her inmate, very first you have to find out what kind of online transferservice is sustained by the jail or institute in which her inmate is incarcerated.This kind of information can easily uncover out by visiting/navigating come the institutionRikers Island - Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC) internet page link .You can additionally contact at jail telephone number 718-546-1500.

You have to pay an extremely close fist to the rules of the basic or college where the inmateis incarcerated. Periodically they call for money senders room on the inmate"s visitation list.Some academy or correctional facilities have a deposit limit, favor $200-300 at a time.In federal prisons and correctional facilities, over there is no such limit.

Popular virtual Money transfer Firms because that Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross center (AMKC)

There are several of the money move firms being provided by miscellaneous facilities.

JPay, WesternUnion, and MoneyGram space by much the oldest and also most reliable money deliver companies.

This is to be listed that you have to verify which agency can send money to your inmate prior to sending funds.If her inmate asks you come deposit money right into the account of a friend, be careful as this isa authorize of illegal activity. If the department find such task your inmate and also youmight maybe be banned from sending and receiving money.

Some government departments might impose a limit of a maximum $200 of sending out money at any timeso that is a more accurate means to confirm your limit.

Who can accessibility the money of her inmate you send?

An inmate with fines or restitution might be a hassle to commissary/accept as true v account garnishment.If the inmate has those monetary obligations, they"ll be extracted from the inmate’s financial institution account.It could be a percent or the entirety amount count on the scenario.

We indicate inmates who are going right into their bid touch the counselor and make an association in advance.In situation you happen in understanding they space taking 20-25% of all deposits is higher than have actually them takeall of it and also you uncover in the commissary line while the account is zero.

How to make a Phone call in the Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross center (AMKC) - new York?

Calling one inmate in the Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC) is rather straight forward.There are some rules prior to you speak to the inmate.

One have to not it is in banned early to any kind of reason native Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross center (AMKC).The inmate is in an allowed list whom someone exterior the facility can call.Generally, phone call time is 7:30 am to 7:00 PM but sometimes it is readjusted dueto particular circumstances. That is better to check it prior to you call.Calling time expression is preferably of 30 minutes and in rush hours or specific occasions,it is diminished to 10 or 15 minutes.

Visitation rule of the Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross center (AMKC) - new York

Visiting the Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC) of new York has some common rules characterized bythe new York City department of correction (DOC). Part facilities have their very own rules according to a certaincircumstance. Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC) is on a rotating visiting schedule.

General visitation rules:

Generally, the visitor is permitted to once a monthVisiting person must no be prior a felonMust have a photo government ID such together driving license, identifier card, armed forces IDor passportA legit guardian with proof is forced for children below 16 year of age.A birth certificate or any kind of identification because that the proof of the age of the minorsis required.

Visitors are scanned and searched with steel detectors and scanner whenthey enter the basic or prison. Over there bags and also cars are also searchedfor extra security. The visitor might be denied if he/she discovered with illegal thingssuch together narcotics, prohibited material such as sexually suggestive documents orviolence content.

Visitation dress:

Religious dress prefer burkas, yamakas will certainly be searchedClothing the matches the inmate dress or employee is no allowedDress with a many of steels buttons or hidden button not allowedNo transparent, skirts, strapless dressHair extensions such as wigs are prohibitedNo hats, sunglasses, gloves, too much jewelry and tight clothingNo sexually exposed clothing

You should constantly bring some extra clothes with you and also leave them in her car.Change your fabric in situation of any rejection of her dress.

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Visitation Timing and Schedule of the Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC) - new York

7:30 to be to 11:00 AM12:30 afternoon to 4:00 PM
7:30 to be to 11:00 AM12:30 afternoon to 4:00 PM
7:30 to be to 11:00 AM12:30 afternoon to 4:00 PM
7:30 to be to 11:00 AM12:30 afternoon to 4:00 PM
7:30 to be to 11:00 AM12:30 afternoon to 4:00 PM5:30 pm to 9:00 PM
9:00 to be to 11:00 AM12:30 pm to 4:00 PM5:30 afternoon to 9:00 PM
7:30 am to 11:00 AM12:30 pm to 4:00 PM5:30 afternoon to 9:00 PM

Note: The administration department the the Rikers Island - Anna M. Kross facility (AMKC) might have changedtiming or visitation rules.It is advised the you must call them before you visit.