HOLLYWOOD, CA - might 05: Ana Navarro attends the gay Men"s Chorus that Los Angeles" 7th annual Voice ... <+> Awards in ~ The ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland center on might 5, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

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Ana Navarro may be hilarious, but she’s no joke. Born in Nicaragua, as a child she escaped the Sandinistan change and immigrated v her family members to the united States. The Miami resident holds a Juris Doctorate law degree, advised U.S. Presidential campaigns, and also served together a Harvard Kennedy institution Fellow.

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Yet no one to take it herself too seriously, she made numerous appearances on the top gameshowJeopardy!.To make a point, Navarro when pulled the end an emery board and began filing she nails—twice—in the middle of a primetime CNN debate.

Now a constant contributor on “The View,” Navarro serves together a politics commentator for ABC, CNN, and also CNN en Español. In this interview, she shares her thoughts top top the risks of social media misinformation, what’s really going on through Republican support for previous President Trump’s 2024 campaign, and also what offers her hope about the future that American politics life.

This interview has been edited for clarity and also brevity.

Recently, friend tested confident for Covid-19 top top the day the Vice president wascoming ~ above “The View”. What to be your an initial reaction?

We acquire tested ~ above “The View” nearly daily. There has not to be a false confident before. The very first thing that crossed mine mind is maintaining Kamala Harris safe, right? She"s the Vice chairman of the joined States. I"m not going to be the one who offers Covid come the an initial woman evil President. Hell, no. That"s not going on my resume.


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So countless Hispanic celebrities in this country tend to be entertainers. She a major Latina doing political analyses. It"s like, there"s this extra weight—

Did you simply tell me I bring extra weight?

What I typical is due to the fact that you have actually this seriousness, carry out you ever feel a responsibility to represent the suggest of watch of the Latino ar in ways other celebrities in the neighborhood can"t?

I don"t feeling a duty to represent the point of see of the Latino community, because I understand enough around our community to recognize that there"s not simply one. We space not one huge blob that does groupthink. It would be incredible hubris and arrogance top top my part to think that i speak on instead of of the Latino community. Ns speak on instead of of myself.

Now, I have learned just how much it way to young Latinos come see people who look prefer them, sound favor them, and have comparable experiences together them having actually platforms. I"m not comparing myself to her in any way—but what it means to check out Sonia Sotomayor in the can be fried Court. I gain stopped a lot by young Latinos who tell me exactly how inspired they room to see somebody prefer that on national TV. I have actually a duty to it is in proud of mine heritage and of my experience as a Latina and an immigrant in this country. And also I have a obligation to shot to open up doors because that others.

There was so lot misinformation on social media, in general, and an especially to the immigrant diaspora in the 2020 election. Together a centrist, what"s your take?

The misinformation point drives me crazy—and it"s other that concerns me constantly because it really has actually an effect. Look, it has an result on elections. It has an impact on vaccinations and also the health and wellness of ours nation. It has an effect on nationwide security. It has an result on laws that are passed—or not passed—because of misperceptions produced by misinformation.

So, if there are people out over there who want to think that Bill and Hillary Clinton room running a sex ring the end of the basement of a pizza shop that does not have actually a basement, have the right to I help you? We need to hammer under on the point: not everything you check out is true, and you"ve obtained some responsibility to perform a small work and also make sure that what you"re reading is true prior to sharing.

Ana Navarro attends Politicon at The Pasadena Convention center on Sunday, Aug. 30, 2017, in ... <+> Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP)

Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP

What room your Republican friends informing you behind the scenes?

I’ve got few Republican friends left who will admit to it in public. Ns ran right into a longtime girlfriend who"s in conference on the aircraft heading to Washington. He said, ‘When you"re here, let"s get together.’ i said, ‘I"m walking to ruin your reputation. You"re going to lose your primary!’

Is the Republican Party genuinely sustaining Donald Trump because that President in 2024?

Look, there are a lot of people pretending to be supporting Trump since they"re afraid of the consequences of publiclynot supporting Trump. They"re afraid of Trump"s capacity to influence primary results.

You think Ted Cruz wants Trump come run? No, that doesn"t, since he desires to run. Girlfriend think Marco Rubio desires Trump to run in 2024? No, the doesn"t, due to the fact that he wants to run. And also Rand Paul, he desires to run, and Josh Hawley, he desires to run. However they"ve got to pretend—for as lengthy as trump is pretending the he’s going come run—they’ve got to pretend come be all in for Trump. Ron DeSantis—you think he"s no lighting candles every job of the week and also saying a novena so that Trump doesn"t run, so the he have the right to be the nominee? the course, he is.

But they understand that castle can"t risk the wrath the Trump, since Trump does manage the Republican base and also Republican primary voters. And then, I do think there"s part Republicans who space standing up versus it.

What has actually surprised you most of the post-Trump presidency era?

I important am surprised by just how much control over the Republican Party Donald Trump continues to have, come the point where they carry out things that room anathema, grotesque, like denying what taken place on January 6th. Because that those of united state that come indigenous Latin America, what occurred is the kind of thing that might happen in Caracas. Yet it"s no the kind of point that I’d ever before expect to happen in Washington, D.C. In ~ the capitol the the joined States.

For republic to placed their loyalty to Trump above the fact and over the law—and not desire to acquire to the bottom and investigate extensively what happened on January 6th, and how that happened, and why that happened, and who sponsor it, and who advocated it, and also who participated? It"s an embarrassment. The is shameful.Es una vergüenza. It is unforgivable. The is a lack of backbone in principle, conviction, and also integrity that should be disgusting to every Americans. Due to the fact that protecting our democracy need to not be partisan.

Do friend think there will certainly be an unfavorable consequences for civilization like Hawley, Rubio, and Cruz for having adhered to the false narrative the the election was stolen?

Look, I"ve recognized Marco Rubio because that a long time. I think he"s shed his himself. He"s lost who the is, that he was, and what he represented to human being like me and other Latinos, due to the fact that he put his loyalty to Trump and his craven politics ambitions over his principles.

At the finish of the day, the American world can see through the lies, the complicity, and also the cowardice. Ns think they have the right to see it"s unseemly, unstatesmanlike, to view these people sucking approximately Trump and also pretending January 6th didn"t happen.

But the polls don"t necessarily assistance that there"s to be a negative consequence for those who follow the party line that the election was stolen. What keeps friend up in ~ night about the existing state of united state politics?

Nothing. Ns take melatonin.

What provides you optimistic around the state of American politics?

I speak at a most universities. Anytime I speak to young people, i feel better. They seem much less hung up with labels and also niche national politics than we did. Lock care. They treatment more.

Some older world might it is in saying, “Climate readjust is a hoax.” with young people, you"re hard pressed to uncover a one who thinks it"s a hoax, and who doesn"t care around issues like climate change—and which castle should, because they"re going to outlive us.

It offers me hope that César Chávez’s nephew is functioning in the West soup of the White home as a senior adviser to the president of the united States. She"s not there since she"s part token. Her name is Julie Rodríguez. She"s there due to the fact that she"s operated hard.

I gave some remarks at an occasion in Washington for Julissa Reynoso Pantaleón. She"s a Dominican and also came come this nation when she was seven years old. She"s the chief of employee to Jill Biden, the very first Lady. And also she"s around to head out—if she ever gets confirmed by the Senate—as U.S. Ambassador to Spain.

That a tiny immigrant girl native the Dominican Republic can prosper up to hold such high positions, that the nephew of César Chávez, a guy who led boycotts versus grape growers, can flourish up to be in the White house advising the chairman of the unified States. There"s a the majority of progress to it is in made, however we additionally must recognize the progress that has actually been made and celebrate.

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