Have you seen it? i think it"s one of those edited Trimspa commercials. She is in a viper and also says"want a viper" then she says"want some money," as she tosses money out of the convertible. She tries to make among those innocent-sexy faces, but she end up sounding prefer a edited. I believed that was the finish of itThen she claims either"Like my body?" or "want mine body?"Either way, extremely annoying...Made me pukeThen she states "wanna play" and gives you that lets-bone-in-a-public-bathroom sort of stare. Annoying as hell, i just had actually to express my hatred towards it.

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Want part money?

Father, want my body? >
DANG IT! Your post made me invision Anna speak it, which made me barf anywhere my keyboard... My keyboard is ruined now!!!
But she did do a good point. I mean, fo part girl who was bigger read it, it might upset her, also if she didn"t wear skimpy clothes.
Jay - Most posts in the Complain Corner, or top top this website for that matter, most likely offend at the very least 1 human being in part way... The was simply a i m really sorry excuse to close the thread.

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Not if I"m complaining around my duration or something. * offtopic :Argh, wherein was the thread anyway?
havent checked out this commercial. I guess i dont watch enough tv.
but Anna Nicole blacksmith is an extremely annoying in general. And so are not-so-suble sexual referrals in commercials, in an attempt to sell a product to horny men and also women that arent "getting any". So this commercial must be a twin annoyance.I"ll count myself blessed ns havent seen it.
Hmmm ns thout it had actually Paris Hilton in the ....anyway I dislike that commercial she voice really annoy"s me every one of you who havent viewed that comercial ..Thank GOD lol
Gosh, Anna Nicole is a frickin psycho. Notice how those advertisement tell you pretty much NOTHING about Trimspa? I"ve been seeing the commercials for that knows just how long and also I still have no effing proviso what the is. Why are world like her enabled to exist..and be wealthy for that matter?
want a viper- yeswant part money- yeswanna play-not v youlike mine body- no ihate her body girlfriend stupid bitchand that saw she at the award thingy? the one whereby she was acting high?
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