Anna Trebunskaya the “Dancing with the Stars” will soon have actually mini twinkle toe of her own: The skilled ballroom dancer is pregnant through her very first child.

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“It wasn’t planned, however when that happened, i thought, ‘This is perfect -- I’m all set to be a mom,’” Trebunskaya told us Weekly. “This is something really an excellent for me and also fulfilling, and also it’ll provide me a totality new definition in life. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Trebunskaya, 32, was missing from the recently announced list of stars and also pros competing in the 17th season the ABC’s ballroom dancing competition. Pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy and also Kym Johnson also will not be participating in the present this season.

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A rep for Trebunskaya said E! that she is 4 months along in she pregnancy, which way her due date is likely beforehand next year.

“I’m therefore excited come share this news v you!!!Thank friend for every one of your support!” the dancer tweeted.

In October 2012, Trebunskaya and also Jonathan Roberts announced that they would certainly divorce after ripe years the marriage, E! reported. She has decreased to announce that the child’s father is but said that he is “very supportive.”

“It was interesting due to the fact that in the last six to eight months, ns was speak to my friends, ‘I’m prepared for a change. I feel a adjust coming on,’” she said, learning that she to be pregnant in ~ the finish of the most recent season that the show. “And sure enough, this is walking to it is in one large change!”

The Russian pro has actually previously been partnered through Jerry Rice, Evan Lysacek, attracted Lachey, kurt Warner and Carson Kressley, placing second with Rice and Lysacek yet never win the “coveted” Mirror round trophy.

“I love being on the show, and also I’ll miss out on it a lot, yet I’ll tho be around visiting,” she said. “I’ll it is in their best cheerleader.”

Post-pregnancy, the dancer said, she “looking forward to getting back into shape and dancing.

“And bringing the infant on board right into the ‘DWTS’ family!” she added.

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