Worst Cooks In America: The ideal Mentors Ranked From anne Burrell to Rachael Ray, this chefs space the finest of the finest when it pertains to mentoring the recruits ~ above "Worst Cooks in America."

Side by side pictures of Rachael Ray, Tyler Florence, and Anne Burrell posing in a chief jackets for Food Network's 'Worst Cooks in America.'
Content Warning: This article contains references/discussions to murder.

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The best component of Worst Cooks in America is witnessing the epic kitchen catastrophes. Crispy foods come the end soggy, salt it s okay mistaken because that sugar and also entire meals go up in flames. The fans eat that up due to the fact that it is for sure hilarious. This food preparation competition creates a feeling of comfort because that the audience in ~ home, understanding that other world out there are simply as disastrous at cooking. However, Worst Cooks in America would certainly be nothing there is no the celebrity chefs the mentor the recruits, leveling them as much as culinary confidence.

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Not every mentor is the same, and also after 22 seasons, some mentors stand out, while rather are simple to forget. Mentors should coach their recruits to aid them boost their an abilities week after week, and sometimes, that method giving them a small bit of challenging love. The ideal mentors on Worst Cooks in America need to have a an excellent sense of humor, easy-to-follow food preparation tips, and also most importantly, they need to have a track record of leading your recruits come the cool prize.

Alton Brown on Food Network's 'Worst Cooks in America' standing with his recruit in the kitchen.
top top paper, Alton Brown seems favor he would certainly be a great mentor on Worst Cooks in America. He"s recognized for his wits and also a sardonic feeling of humor; fans have seen that on display screen in his other Food Network shows. With the in mind, it was how amazing to watch just exactly how much Alton was a mismatch for Worst Cooks, as his feeling of feeling came throughout as mean.

Alton just served together a mentor once, and also his recruit shed to Anne"s. Between the losing streak and also the questionable actions on screen, pan aren"t necessarily searching for Alton to go back to this show. He"s a much far better fit on various other competition shows.

Beau MacMillan and also Anne Burrell posing with each other in your chef's coats top top the cover art for Food Network's 'Worst Cooks in America.'
The very first chef come compete against Anne Burrell, Beau MacMillan had actually the technical know-how to mentor the Blue Team on their food preparation skills. However, he ultimately didn"t have actually the charisma required for this show. Beau hadn"t held a food preparation show prior to taking ~ above the mentor role on Worst Cooks.

Unfortunately, the lack of endure led to a forgettable performance. It"s tough to also remember that Beau was on Worst Cooks. He shed to ann in the very first season and also hasn"t went back for a rematch.

Michael Symon ~ above Food Network's 'Worst Cooks in America' helping among the contestants in the kitchen.
Michael Symon"s first and only time in the boots camp was throughout the "Best the the Worst" season, which intended he had some that the worst cooks ever before assigned to his team. That"s a huge task. However, pan appreciated Michael for his large laughs and the fact that that genuinely seemed prefer he was enjoying his time ~ above the show.

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An steel Chef, Michael approached the competition with confidence. However, his team wasn"t able to pull turn off a win at the end. His personality is a an excellent fit for the show, but because he"s only appeared once and lost his season, he"s outshined by various other mentors with much more successful monitor records. If that comes back to the boots camp for a rematch, he could easily ascend to end up being an all-time favorite.

7 Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine in a blue shirt standing v his eight crossed.
prior to his food preparation career, Robert Irvine offered in the UK"s imperial Navy, so joining the boot camp of Worst Cooks in America seemed like a organic fit. If Robert definitely has the grit and also the skills to coach the amateurs, his sense of humor was sometimes a tiny too dry because that the outrageous pace of the show

Although Robert might not be the finest mentor on Worst Cooks, he certainly isn"t the worst. His recruitment won ago in season 14. If he ever before returns come the show, it will certainly be amazing to check out if he might pull out an additional win.

Carla hall joined Worst Cooks in America for season 21, and also her recruit triumphed over Anne"s. That course, that takes a good coach come take home the success on the very first try, and Carla did it through a smile on her confront the entire time.

What makes Carla a great mentor is her hopeful energy. She recruits appeared to affix with her easily because of her sunshiney personality. Sometimes, however, that seemed favor she was as well nice for boot camp. Maybe if she gets one more season under she belt, she can prove the she has actually the challenging love that"s crucial to instilling cook confidence in the contestants.

5 Tyler Florence

Every time Tyler Florence appears on Worst Cooks in America, he gets better and better. He felt a small stiff in his very first season, but now, he"s complete of charm and also full that jokes. His lighthearted yet authoritative technique to teaching the recruits is exactly what the present needs.

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Tyler has showed up on the display seven times, much more than any kind of other Blue Team mentor. Unfortunately, despite appearing on the show all of those times, he"s only won once. His personality is great, however the bad track record shows that there"s room for improvement for him as a mentor.

steel Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, or ICAG for short, to be a an excellent mentor on the show since of the warm she brought to the kitchen. She formed a genuine link with her recruits mainly after week. Pan loved to view her emotional investment in the competition, and also with year of experience teaching world how to chef through the TV screen, she to be really efficient at sharing food preparation tips and also building a team of solid cooks.

Unfortunately, Alex"s time top top the display has to be marred through controversy. The season is no longer obtainable to stream since the winner, Ari Robinson, was charged with the killing of she daughter. It to be a tragic upgrade for one otherwise an excellent season. Fans are hoping the Alex can get one more chance in the boots camp to prove, as soon as again, how great she is at being a mentor.

3 Rachael Ray

one of the most famous faces to join Worst Cooks in America, Rachael Ray lugged her signature feeling of feeling to the competition, and she led she team to victory two of the 4 times the she"s competed.

Rachael"s brand works well with Worst Cooks in America. Her schtick has always been about creating bold flavors in one approachable and basic way. This methodology is efficient for the amateurs on Worst Cooks, who can barely number out how to turn on the stove when they first enter boot camp. Rachael is just one of the best due to the fact that of her personality and also her track record in the competition. Fans would certainly love to see her come ago for one more rematch against Anne.

out of every one of the chefs who have led the Blue Team over the years, Bobby Flay has actually the ideal track document of top his recruits to victory. He"s competed four times against Anne, and he"s won 3 of those times. That renders him among the most effective coaches top top the show.

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Of course, Bobby is all over on Food Network, for this reason he"s no stranger to cooking competitions. He"s additionally experienced in breaking down facility techniques for the viewers in ~ home. All of that experience absolutely helps him out on Worst Cooks. He likewise has a good sense the humor. Fans of Food Network understand that it"s not constantly on display screen in some of his various other shows, but the comedic layout of Worst Cooks allows him to let loosened a small bit, and it works perfectly.

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1 ann Burrell

Worst Cooks in America would not be the very same without anne Burrell, and she is hands under the finest mentor on the show. After 22 seasons, she"s an expert in using pressure and also showering the recruits in challenging love to help them find out the kitchen basics. She catchphrases and also her tips room so straightforward to follow that the audience at residence leaves through some new culinary knowledge too.

Anne"s Red Team, that she proudly call the "Rocking Red Stars," has actually won the compete a lining fourteen times. Anne"s easy-to-follow recipes, her good sense of humor, and her also bigger heart do her the design mentor for Worst Cooks.