Anne through An E: 5 finest (& 5 Worst) personalities From Sebastian Lacroix and Matthew Cuthbert come Nathaniel and Josie Pye, below are the ideal (and worst) characters on Anne v an E.

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Anne with an E is the gritty adaption of Lucy Maud Montgomery"s Anne of green Gables book series. The books are eternally optimistic and dreamy, yet they likewise gloss over several of the issues pertinent to Montgomery"s time. Moira Walley-Beckett"s Netflix series doesn"t shy far from experimenting the in history taboo object of sex inequality, racism, sexuality, and also assault, amongst other issues.

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The collection introduces characters who don"t show up in the books, such as Trinidad native Sebastian Lacroix and also his family, or the first Nations people living close to Avonlea, and also numerous LGBTQ+ characters. It"s hard to narrow down these well-developed and researched characters, however here are five of the best and also five the the worst.

Sebastian, otherwise known as "Bash", is the very first black character introduced to the show. That is funny and also teasing and also makes a good friend to Gilbert. His personality is layered and also revealed gradually, as a real person"s would certainly be.

As a black male in nineteenth-century Canada, he"s no stranger to discrimination, however that doesn"t dampen his spirit. He it s okay on with his life and also treats everyone v respect. However, he"s no perfect himself. As soon as he first meets Mary, he"s exceptionally presumptuous yet soon learn better. He likewise has a complex relationship v his mother, which add to a tone of maturity to the show.

Billy andrews is the regional bully who thrives on putting others down. He renders Anne feel tiny and unwanted and also teases Gilbert because that liking her. He also belittles Cole and also even causes him a serious injury in season 2.

In season 3, Billy"s worst traits room revealed. The abuses Josie, who, as terrible as she may be, does no deserve his unwanted and also forceful attention. A glimpse right into the Andrews family reveals the resource of Billy"s entitled behavior: his father. Billy"s sister Prissy has actually just reverted from college after to run away from she wedding and also accuses castle both of exuding toxic masculinity. She"s no wrong.

Matthew is the first person in Anne"s life to accept her and love her for that she is. Despite a tiny uncertain at first, the is easily taken by the method she runs on around how beautiful every little thing is.

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He convinces Marilla come let anne stay and also provides her the nourishment and care she has craved her whole childhood. He even buys her an initial dress, complete with puff sleeves and all. Overall, Matthew is a sweet and caring brother and father figure.

7 WORST: Mr. Phillips

Mr. Phillips is conveniently one of the many despicable characters in the series. Together a school teacher, he should be something like a duty model for his students, but instead, he takes his pent-up an unfavorable feelings out on them.

He starts by humiliating Anne for her orphan status, she appearance, and the means she behaves herself. Later, he puts Cole down since he feels intimidated that Cole understands that he really is. Probably worst the all, he takes benefit of Prissy Andrews, that as a young girl doesn"t really understand what"s going on.

In contrast, miss Stacy is exactly what a an excellent teacher should be. Anne and the rest of she pupils every look up to her, so much so that they lead the struggle in convincing Avonlea"s old-fashioned inhabitants to allow her remain on as their teacher.

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Miss Stacy is very proud of who she is and also doesn"t seem to heed others" opinions. Her bold personality inspires other women to adopt themselves, and she supports the student in your ambitious purposes of telling vital stories through the college paper.

5 WORST: Mr. Andrews

Billy"s dad is responsible because that a lot of harmful and also backward reasoning in Avonlea, specifically in his own children. In fact, Mr. Andrews goes for this reason far as to defend Billy"s actions towards Josie in season 3, awkward the Pye family, even despite they"ve excellent nothing wrong.

Prissy confronts she father in season 3, yet the series was canceled before the storyline can be additional explored. Mr. Andrews" oppressive ideas may be the factor his wife is so identified to command the Avonlea ladies in a pressure of change.

Anne"s finest friend is Diana Barry, who comes throughout as shallow and also unoriginal at first, however grows end the three periods to end up being a young, elevation woman. She refuses to enable her parents to dictate she future, also after being increased in their family with the on purpose of being sent to finishing school.

Diana bring away the entrance test for Queen"s Academy behind their backs and is welcomed to the school. After initial reluctance, she parents acquiesce and allow her to attend. A couple of hints throughout season 2 imply that Diana desires to be a travel musician, but her strictly upbringing causes a lot of interior conflicts.

3 WORST: Josie Pye

Josie is the resident typical girl of Avonlea. Anne doesn"t really let Josie stroked nerves her, yet she does contribute to Anne"s feelings of exclusion and isolation, no matter how much she pretends to overlook her comments.

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Josie rallies the other children in disparaging Anne and making funny of her, and also her feeling of entitlement and also privilege is so strong that she thinks she have the right to have anything and also anyone she desires (even Cole). She can"t accept that not everyone likes she or that anne is make the efforts to assist her in season 3 after ~ Billy abuses her.

there is no a doubt, ann is the best character in Anne through An E. The entire series revolves about her and also her growth. She begins as one orphan that feels the nobody desires her, however still manages to see the beauty in the people that couple of others notice.

Despite her glaring differences, she manages to win over the understanding of plenty of Avonlea families and also capture the fist of Gilbert Blythe, who sees her for who she truly is and also wants rather to appreciate her, too. Anne is a dreamer who uses her creative thinking to produce a world better for herself and those she loves.

1 WORST: Nathaniel

Nate and also Mr. Dunlop are not component of the initial story of Anne Of environment-friendly Gables. Their introduction was not invited by fans, who felt the the problem they present is a waste of time. Nate and also Mr. Dunlop are first introduced in the last illustration of season 1 as soon as they beat increase Jerry and steal the Cuthberts" money indigenous him.

They end up being recurring characters at the start of season 2 when they board at the Cuthberts" and fool the city into paying because that gold that doesn"t exist. Mr. Dunlop is the lesser of 2 evils; Nate tries come flatter Marilla, says horrible things about Anne, and taunts Jerry about his traumatic experience. He"s prepared to take all of the money because that himself, even if it way hurting chaste people.

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