NameAlexandra BorgiaAddress new York, brand-new York , joined StatesEmailNoneWebsiteNone BornUnknown DiedMay 17, 2006ContributorRalphieLast ModifedJ.R.Mar 07, 2009 08:49pmTagsItalian - Catholic - InfoAssistant district Attorney Alexandra Borgia to be a fictional character, played by Annie Parisse, who showed up on the long-running NBC drama collection Law & Order native 2005-2006. Borgia to be appointed in January 2005 by brand-new York County ar Attorney Arthur Branch as a instead of for previous ADA Serena Southerlyn. She principally assisted Executive Assistant ar Attorney Jack McCoy, but likewise often carried out detailed investigations, arraignments and hearings elevation of McCoy and Branch. Before her latest appointment, Borgia was involved in many drug cases and this resulted in regular kudos indigenous police officers and also fellow attorneys alike. She was also respected among her partner for she intelligence and also adroit way in prepare a situation for prosecution. Borgia was the shortest appearing Assistant ar Attorney in law & bespeak history, seen just in 33 episodes through her last appearance in the season finale, "Invaders," broadcast may 17, 2006. In the episode, while investigate a family"s murder, the DA"s office concentrated on the husband, open minded Andreas, that was offering killers through fake DEA title which they offered to commit home invasion robberies. Borgia pressed Andreas to give up his accomplices, and also was later on kidnapped from her very own apartment. Her body to be subsequently found in the stems of an abandoned car, bound, brutally beaten and also dead the asphyxiation ~ choking ~ above her very own vomit.

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Outraged, McCoy i ordered it a sham prosecution to make certain her murderers went to prison because that life, skirting legal principles to the allude that that may confront disbarment. Borgia"s place as ADA is currently vacant.
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