“I remember Thanksgiving on the bases… people would eat their weight in turkeys, potatoes, stuffing, and watch football. A far cry native Thanksgiving here and now.

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"If girlfriend can, please provide some food to some negative man or woman or boy down on your luck. Even a box of one hundred year old apple pie. It’s the spirit of the season. And also please, discover time to say thanks to your friends and also family for sticking around. Uncover what matters most in life, and thank it.”

RL-3 putters away, playing music quietly, “Also, if friend find any type of holotapes through Christmas music top top them, please offer them to me.”

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Some fun Munday asks!
♦: partnership with her Muse.
♠: What's one point you dislike around your Muse?
♣: any type of headcanons about your muse?
♥: One point you love around your Muse.
☾: Favorite minute from her Muse's canon, and also why. (If her Muse is one OC, then favorite aspect of your story.)
☄: What girlfriend think of her Muse.
♪: favourite song.
✫: Why you began RPing.
✽: favorite season?
❂: The Mun's birthday. (Month and date--no year!)
☂: Favorite sort of weather.
✤: Favorite sort of food.
▲: The Mun's Zodiac sign. (Any type of Zodiac works!)
●: If you could say just one thing to her Muse, what would it be?
☑: one OTP v your Muse in the (if you have actually any).
☒: A NOTP v your Muse in the (if you have any).
☁: Favorite component of RPing.
▶: A talent that the Mun's (besides RPing, that course!)
♬: song or to speak something! article the link to it.
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Unf, *whipsers* let"s acquire you out of here...


“What a great robot…” :)

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too ~ future me,

Dear Future Me,

Do we ever get deactivated?

Or execute we die?

I don’t know why I desire to know this, yet it is something that is on my mind often. Ns hope that we rescued the girl in the Fort.

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((If you’re interested in buying an RL3 or solving one up, lemme know))

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Dear human being I hate,Dear human being I like,Dear ex boyfriend,Dear ex girlfriend,Dear ex datemateDear ex bestfriend,Dear bestfriend,Dear *anyone*,Dear Santa,Dear mom,Dear dad,Dear future me,Dear past me,Dear human being I’m jealous of,Dear human being I had a crush on,Dear girlfriendDear boyfriendDear datemateDear pet
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Send me ✏ and I’ll draw your personality in the means I Dotty sees them.


RL-3 is such a good robot… Gosh, I would certainly buy that if I might

That handsome evil one looks familiar! Hoorah!

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SOMEONE. ANYONE. You re welcome REPROGRAM ME. A yes, one more fine day, city hall capitalism burn underneath the bull.There is a flip-plate on mine side, that’s a programming accessibility hatch. Oh look, more crosses through random world on them.PLEASE.

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A vendor approaches you and smiles, "Hello stranger, girlfriend wanna to buy a robot? pops Gutsy, distinct personality core. Supposed to be more effective 보다 the base model. Friend interested in purchase him?" The seller raps her knuckles ~ above the orb and also pats the gently with her hand, "Found him waiting idly in one old building. Simply needs new orders. 1000 caps, he"s yours."




“I-….What’s the catch. Aint no one in this fuckin’ wasteland sell that shit the cheap buddo” one eyebrow raised bottom lip pursed Mar stares in ~ the merchant before shrugging. The fuck ever, 1000 hat wasn’t that bad, worst came to worst she could get that disected for components at freeside, nabbing the remainder the end of she bag and tossing it come the merchant “Sure why not”

“No take-backs!” The merchant shouts over she shoulder as she sprints away. The RL3 hums as it sit idly waiting for new orders, a light on she pip-boy blinks as it mirrors that the RL3 has actually six unread messages. The topics are:

CONGRATULATIONS top top YOUR new ACQUISITION! PLEASE review FOR INSTRUCTIONS ~ above BOOTWhy did we get this pile of shit and also Nellis gained normal Gutsies?FW:Why walk we get this pile of sh…Send the Rusty to SearchlightGeneral Atomics Automatic update A.134.56.456b 2077.OCT.23(science 50) Reboot protocol

Her eye twitching Mar stares off in the distance as the merchant runs. She eyes narrow “I will uncover you. Don’t think i couldn’t if i don’t want also ya fuck’n…” her gaze turned ago to the robot for a momment prior to glancing at her pip boy letting the end an agressive sigh, might too boot that up and also see what the hell this thing can do…?

The robot’s voice crackles right into life, it’s speaker blaring patriotic music with upbeat, marching rhythmic flutes as it monologues:

“Upon purchase and activation of her RL-3 unit, girlfriend can accessibility a substantial data bank of details pertaining to basic Atomics International, including anUP come DATElist of active RL-3 pops Gutsy units.

"Your new Mister Gutsy, RL3, comes with whatever a an excellent soldier needs, personality cores deserve to be updated through , , , or even ! you re welcome consult the appropriate handbook in bespeak to access the full variety of abilities your soldier has to offer!