Royal Caribbean"s Anthem that the Seas is an incredible cruise ship the offers families the sort of cruise endure that they will likely be talking around for years to come. Action foot onboard this ship, and also it is sometimes tough to think you room actually on a cruise ship.

Anthem the the Seas supplies so much for households to perform onboard, and we present this perform of 10 amazing things about Anthem the the Seas.

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Live currently from almost everywhere onboard


In the past, using the web on a cruise ship can be one expensive and slow ordeal, but Anthem that the Seas offers high speed internet access all end the ship, so girlfriend can use facebook Live, watch Netflix, beat Xbox Live or skype friends and family at home.

Royal Caribbean offers the very same kind of high-speed internet service on Anthem of the Seas that you would intend to discover on land. It functions whether you space docked in port, or somewhere in the Caribbean. Imperial Caribbean phone call this service, Voom, and also it is perfect for (not-so) humbly bragging about how much fun friend are having actually onboard.

The best part is the price to usage Anthem"s high-speed internet is lot cheaper 보다 you might think.Royal Caribbean offers a selection of internet plans that a cost between $10-$20 every day (with online discounts that bring the price down as lot as 30%).

Go skies diving

Have you always wanted to feeling the exhilaration of sky diving there is no risking life and also limb jumping the end of a perfectly great airplane? 

Tepid thrill-seekers can experience what the is like to loss gracefully with the sky without are afraid of finishing up favor a Wile E. Coyote cartoon top top Anthem of the Seas. Ripcord by iFly uses guests of all ages the thrill the skydiving the end on the deep blue ocean.

Ripcord is situated on the aft (rear) that the ship and is a huge wind tunnel the is 10 feet in diameter and 23 feet tall. Guests placed on a jumpsuit and also goggles and also then soar as much as 23 feet in the air for a two-minute adrenaline rush. And also the best component is Ripcord through iFly is had in her cruise fare!

Hit up bumper cars


On Anthem of the Seas, you can gain behind the wheel of a bumper car and also get in top top the action thanks to practice designed electric cars.

Bumper cars are available in Anthem that the Seas" SeaPlex, the largest indoor active an are at sea. Guests deserve to race roughly the rink in a two-seater bumper car and enjoy running right into other guests" car while trying to stop being struggle themselves. Whether you employ sophisticated driving an abilities to the end maneuver everyone, or smash into everyone rather head on, this task is sure to bring earlier childhood memories.

Challenge yourself in the escape room


If you are looking for something different to carry out on a cruise, the to escape room game on Anthem of the Seas could be the perfect fit. The "Escape native the Future" video game is an task on Anthem that the Seas, whereby a team of guests shot to solve riddles and also puzzles to discover the key to "escaping" the room.

The an obstacle of the to escape room is you have just 60 minutes to number it every out, which pressures you and your team members to think about all alternatives when trying to number it every out. There are word searches, patterns and also other challenges designed to obtain you reasoning in a lot of different directions.

Enjoy time on the suite sun deck


If you are lucky enough to book a suite, Anthem the the Seas uses a private sun deck solely for your use.

The suite sunlight deck is obtainable only because that guests continuing to be in a suite, and also offers a personal area with sun beds, seating and also lounge chairs reserved just for you. The sunlight deck is the perfect clues to gain a clear day by the pool and a personal escape designed with suite guests in mind.

Take a drive on phibìc Star


The many prominent feature on Anthem the the Seas is the north Star observation pod.

Royal Caribbean"s north Star takes guests 300 feet over sea level for remarkable views the the area approximately the ship. You can acquire an amazing view roughly Anthem the the Sea, taking in what is sure to end up being amazing image of the scenery.

Whether in ~ sea or in port, the views from phibìc Star room stupendous and also a one-of-a-kind experience.

See a West end show


Did you know some royal Caribbean pearls offer complete Broadway shows? ~ above Anthem that the Seas, guests can enjoy the struggle musical, "We will certainly Rock You."

Written by British-comedian Ben Elton, this hilarious award-winning and also record-breaking phenomenon is built roughly 24 of the greatest hits that British absent legend, Queen. The best part about the show is it is consisted of in your cruise fare!

Have a robot do you a drink


Anthem the the Seas attributes the Bionic Bar, where two robot bartenders create custom make beverages, ceded in plastic cup via four conveyor belts.

Built through Makr Shakr, the idea is simple: guests ar orders via tablets and also then have the right to watch the robot bartenders begin mixing the cocktails. Bionic Bar combine two large trends, robotics and mixology.

The single armed robot will get the ice, mints and lemon and also then squeeze and shake them come make your drink. Eventually, there wont be a border on what the drink the robots deserve to make. The customization is what royal Caribbean is aiming for.

Shows in Two70


Two70, imperial Caribbean"s transformative an are onboard Anthem the the Seas fuses highly progressed robotic and projected an innovation with live performance, developing an unmatched entertainment experience on floor or sea.

As its name implies, Two70 offers a two hundred and also seventy level view from the aft that the ship. One expansive ocean view the is 2 decks high permits you to watch an amazing view during the day. At night, Two70 transforms to market a seamless video clip projection, robotics and also human artistry.

Get an within room v a view


Inside rooms top top Anthem that the Seas feature a online balcony — a full high-definition 80-inch display screen that is connected to a live camera through audio exterior the ship, therefore you deserve to enjoy the very same sights and sounds as someone with a balcony or oceanview room.

Virtual balcony staterooms transform the experience of an indoor stateroom without the balcony stateroom price and also the snapshot quality is amazing.

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In addition to the real-time views, the digital balcony offers audio together well and unlike a genuine balcony, you can simply press a switch on your remote and turn that on or turn off at your discretion.

Your thoughts

Have you been on Anthem that the Seas yet? Is over there a attribute that has caught your eye in your research? share what girlfriend think is very cool around Anthem the the Seas in the comments!