Disgraced ex-pol Anthony Weiner has quit his job as chief executive of a Brooklyn-based company that provides recycled glass countertops after simply over a year in the role.

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The former autonomous congressman — whose serial sexting price him his politics career and also latersent him to prison—explained in a article on LinkedIn the his company, IceStone, will end up being a worker-owned cooperative, make his function as CEO obsolete.

“The IceStone workers participating will not occur all in ~ once and also right away, however one point it go not need is a Chief executive Officer,” he said last week in the post.“So I have stepped aside to turn my seat end to the men and women that will now be do the decisions.”

“I will be maintaining my IceStone tough hat.That might come in handy,” he added.

According to Weiner’s LinkedIn page, he began as CEO the IceStone in may of critical year, despite his new job was first reported on by The write-up in September after a promotional email about the company’s products revealed his career change.

Anthony Weiner described that IceStone will come to be a worker-owned cooperative, do his role as CEO obsolete.REUTERS

His page indicates that Weiner stopped working because that IceStone in June.

In his post, Weiner said, “Being a worker’s cooperative is exactly how it sound – a company that is regulated from the factory floor up and also not the height down. It gives each employee a voice in policy and practices; a stake in the progress; and a re-publishing of the gains.”

Anthony Weiner started as CEO the IceStone in may 2020.Chad Rachman

Weiner appeared to fit best in in ~ IceStone, which says its “commitment to second chances goes past our factory and also our products.”

“We hire the homeless, refugees and train the previously incarcerated and ensure that everyone it s okay paid a life wage and also has accessibility to subsidized health and wellness insurance and a voice in the company,” follow to the this firm website.

The agency will now be operation by IceStone owner Del LaMagna — that made a fortune together founder the the Tweezerman brand of beauty tools — and also IceStone president Lisa Bowen.

IceStone manufactures kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops making use of crushed and also recycled pieces of colorful glass. Gregory P. Mango

A then-married Weinerquit his seatin Congress end a now-infamous 2011 scandal that unfolded as soon as he by chance tweeted a lewd crotch shot of himself in his underwear to the public.

He mounted a comeback operation for mayor two years later — and surged to an initial place in the polls — prior to his campaignwent down in flamesamid a second sexting scandal if he was still married to Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin that revealed his usage of the digital alias “Carlos Danger.”

But also those debacles were eclipsed in 2017, as soon as he broke down in Manhattan commonwealth court as he tearfullyconfessed to sexting v a 15-year-old girl.

IceStone will currently be operation by owner Del LaMagna, who met Anthony Weiner years ago while unsuccessfully to run for Congress.NBC

Earlier, Weiner helped upend the 2016 presidential race as soon as FBI agents seized his laptop as part of the probe and found emailsexchanged by Clinton and Abedin.

Clinton laterblamed her stunning lossto Donald trump on then-FBI manager James Comey’s decision, 11 days prior to the election, come reopen one investigation into her use of a private computer system while serving together secretary the state under president Barack Obama.

Abedin, who consistently stood by Weiner’s side in spite of being humiliated by his extramarital sexting, ultimately left that in august 2016after The article revealedhe’d sent an additional woman a crotch shooting he snap while their toddler boy was cuddledup alongside him in bed.

Anthony Weinerquit his seatin Congress during a 2011 scandal the unfolded as soon as he tweeted a photo of self in his underwear come the public.AFP via Getty Images

Abedin ultimately filed for divorce hrs after the pleaded guilty to transporting obscene material to a minor, yet she laterwithdrew the casefrom court to resolve it privately and “reduce any affect of this proceedings on their child.”

IceStone owner LaMagna formerly told The write-up that that met Weiner years back while unsuccessfully running for Congress, and also later saw him several times when Weiner served a 21-month jail sentence.

“I knew that from the political world. He talked me the end of running for mayor, which was good, and also we occurred a relationship,” LaMagna called The short article last year.

Anthony Weiner test a comeback by running for mayor before being captured up in a sexting scandal.Getty Images

“And then he got sucked right into that entirety thing. I want to help him any method I could. He served his time and coming the end is tough. And also so ns said, ‘Can you work for IceStone?’ because he to know everybody in the city and the agency is in Brooklyn.”

LaMagna started Tweezerman in 1980 after ~ a cable of failed service ventures and wound up marketing it to Zwilling J.A. Henckels because that $57 million in 2004.

LaMagna acknowledged that IceStone, in which that was at first just one investor, “has never been successful” and also that he rental Weiner in a bid to rotate it around.

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Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, filed because that divorce hours after that pleaded guilty to transferring obscene product to a minor.AP

“When the founder lost a most money, ns stepped in and thought I might take that over and save the job,” the said.

“And i realized perhaps it’s time to replace myself because I didn’t have actually the energy.”

Weiner, that said, had relevant endure from Congress, wherein he had “a big budget and also a employee of 25, 30 civilization to manage.”