American Jewish Committee’s first-ever State the Antisemitism in America report, exit on October 26, 2020, reflects deep anxiety amongst American Jews and also a disturbing absence of awareness among the basic public around the severity the antisemitism in the joined States. Parallel surveys the American Jews and also the U.S. Basic public reveal widely divergent views concerning Jew-hatred in America.

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Use the links below to check out the report outcomes of every survey, a comparison in between the 2 surveys,’s analysis, and resources to combat antisemitism.


American Jewish Committee’s first-ever State of Antisemitism in America report, exit on October 26, 2020, mirrors deep anxiety amongst American Jews and a disturbing lack of awareness amongst the basic public about the severity of antisemitism in the joined States. Parallel surveys of American Jews and the U.S. General public expose widely divergent views about Jew-hatred in America.

Use the links listed below to see the report results of each survey, a comparison in between the 2 surveys,’s analysis, and also sources to combat antisemitism.

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Ignorance around Antisemitism create Dangerous reproduction Ground for hatred of Jews
Parallel surveys of American Jews and the basic public form the communication of the first-ever report on the state that antisemitism in America. The state, merely put, is poor. Come the timeless sources the antisemitism — the much right, tough left, and also extremists in the name of Islam — we deserve to now include a fourth: ignorance. The absence of awareness and also refusal to allow Jews to specify hatred against them produce a dangerous breeding ground for anti-Jewish hostility.
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The State the Antisemitism in America 2020: Insights and evaluation
This year, for the an initial time, we carried out two surveys in parallel. Combined, the 2 surveys form the first-ever State of Antisemitism in America Report. This report lays ceiling the very different methods American Jews and also the basic public recognize antisemitism, enabling us come identify crucial challenges and more effectively target our education and also advocacy initiatives as we look for to eradicate this most ancient kind of hatred.
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Behind the Numbers: American Jews’ personal Experiences v Antisemitism
The number in the many recent survey on antisemitism speak for themselves. Yet the testimonies and stories the American Jews are simply as telling. In the wake up of antisemitic attacks in brand-new York, new Jersey, Pittsburgh, and Poway end the past two years, plenty of say they fear simply walking under the street, entering a supermarket, or answering a knock in ~ the door. Check out some of the stories behind the survey’s troubling findings.
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The State of Antisemitism in America: Insights from’s Groundbreaking Report - Advocacy all over
~ above October 26, 2020, exit its first-ever State that Antisemitism in America Report which discovered shocking gaps in between Jews and also non-Jews top top the nature and also scope of Jew-hatred, and a disturbing lack of awareness amongst Americans about modern-day antisemitism.
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Share her Story
Tell us your suffer with antisemitism in the U.S.

Share her story’s initiatives to Combat Antisemitism
Antisemitism has actually been referred to as the world’s oldest hatred. It is a tangible danger not only to Jews, but likewise to the very fabric of democratic societies. Together violence versus Jews intensifies, the antisemitism the drives it is create from a host of sources—political, ethnic, and also religious—on college campuses, in public discourse, on society media, and across the globe. offices throughout the joined States and also around the civilization deliver that article to decisionmakers and also opinion leader daily and advocate for action to combat climbing Jew-hatred.

Prompting government Action

In the joined States, conceived and also helped develop the conference Bipartisan Taskforce because that Combating Antisemitism. Now, with an ext than 174 members, that crafts plans to address rising antisemitism and also protect Jewish communities.

Throughout Europe and also the U.S, proponents for the fostering of the worldwide Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working definition of Antisemitism as a vital first action toward addressing the horrific climb in antisemitism. to be closely affiliated in the initial drafting the the definition 14 years ago. The Working meaning offers eleven examples—including recommendations to typical antisemitic stereotypes and tropes, Holocaust denial, charges of double loyalty, and the denial of Israel’s ideal to exist—to assist law enforcement officials and others identify and also combat antisemitic in every its forms.

Social Media Accountability on regular basis engages with social media providers at the highest levels to combat antisemitism and other forms of hate and also bigotry. This engagement bears real results, as shown by Facebook’s current announcement the it will certainly ban Holocaust refusal posts. Twitter quickly followed suit and also announced it, too, would remove posts denying the Holocaust.


Developing coalitions with other faith and ethnic teams builds a joined front against hate. It is why co-convened the groundbreaking Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council, introduced the Latino-Jewish management Council, partnered through the nationwide Urban league to produce #BlackJewishUnity Week, and regularly engages with various other faith and also ethnic communities throughout America and around the world.

Public Statements’s Mayors United versus Antisemitism campaign is the biggest public statement versus antisemitism in history. To date, nearly 600 American and European mayors have actually signed’s pledge come publicly resolve and take activity against antisemitism in their jurisdictions.

Worldwide Solidarity

Following the killing of 11 Jews at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue in October 2018, mobilized millions of human being of every faiths approximately its #ShowUpForShabbat initiative, packing synagogues in what became the largest-ever expression that solidarity through the American Jewish community.

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After the strike on a Hanukkah celebration in Monsey, brand-new York, designated January 6, 2020 together #JewishandProud Day. Jews and allies, consisting of members of Congress and other officials, came with each other to show their Jewish pride and solidarity.