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A man has been arrested because that allegedly kicking a biker in ~ the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in south Dakota rally end the weekend throughout a mainly peaceful protest.

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Video post on social media shows up to show several police officers detaining the doubt while surrounding by a large crowd of bikers taking component in the yearly rally.

One clip of the arrest was posted top top Twitter v the inscription "Antifa actually verified up to Sturgis today" although it is uncertain if the anti-fascist motion were associated in the protest.

A second video likewise appears to present the minute the doubt kicks out at a biker together he rides past him top top his motorbike.Geody VanDewater, Sturgis chief of police, said officers were mindful of the to plan protest against the huge rally which walk ahead between the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hundreds of thousands of riders come from anywhere the nation to the rally in the southern Dakota town.

Mask-wearing was no mandatory and also social distancing did not show up to be imposed in the bars and on the streets, prompting fears the rally could assist spread the virus.

"They expressed their first Amendment right and also the demonstrators and also for the many part, it was civil and also everybody was well behaved until one of the demonstrators determined to absent a motorcyclist on his motorcycle," VanDewater told KEVN.

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The suspect, from quick City, southern Dakota, to be arrested for disorderly conduct, Vandewater told the associated Press.

Antifa actually showed up come Sturgis today