It’s to be 10 years due to the fact that this interview (Picture: WAFF-48 News)

If you want a reminder simply how fast time is going in basic we’re below to allow you understand this main marks the 10th anniversary the the ivxcialistoufjg.comnic ‘hide your kids, hide your wife’ meme.

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Yes, really.

Antoine Dodson shot to fame after showing up in a news segment after ~ a male attempted to attack his sister by climbing into her bedroom window, before being chased off by Antoine.

After the interview by Elizabeth Gentle, a reporter because that NBC affiliate WAFF-48 News, went famous it to be ‘songified’ (as in, autotuned and also cut vxcialistoufjg.comme fit a loosened melody) and also became the ‘Bed Intruder Song’, catapulting Antoine to international stardom.

Who knew that once a news team gathered to speak with the Huntsville man, who is currently 34 year old, in so late July 2010 his animated solution would turn into such a memorable moment we’re tho talking around today?

Asked because that his thoughts, he handle viewers down the camera: ‘Well, clear we have a rapist in Linvxcialistoufjg.comln Park. He is climbing in her windows, he is snatching your people up, trying vxcialistoufjg.comme rape them.

‘So y’all have to hide your kids, hide your wife, and also hide your husband reason they raping everybody the end here.’

He go on: ‘We gained your t-shirt…you’re for this reason dumb, you are really dumb, for real.

‘You don’t need to vxcialistoufjg.comme and also vxcialistoufjg.comnfess…we’re in search of you, we gonna find you. For this reason you deserve to run phone call that, homeboy.’

Days later the moment was transformed right into an autotuned song by The Gregory Brothers, with practically 148million views on YouTube today.

It vxcialistoufjg.comntrolled to do its method onto the Billboard hot 100, if the original video was YouTube’s peak clip because that 2010 (when no including significant label music videos). For this reason there’s that.

While plenty of felt the meme was inappropriate, seeing together it source from a significant news segment on a mrs who had been assaulted, and her brother that was worried around her, with world debating whether it was funny or simply offensive, Dodson to be able to benefit from the call the clip carried him.

After speaking with BET for its ns Went Viral series two years ago, he recalled moving to Los Angeles to shot his happy in Tinseltown, v a truth TV present announced that would certainly follow his foray into fame – however they at some point moved home to Huntsville in Alabama.

Speaking around capitalising ~ above the event, he stated he thought: ‘Yeah, we’re gonna sell this because we’re make the efforts to acquire out that the ‘hood.’

He walk on to sell merchandise pertained to the meme and made enough money from the Bed Intruder song that he to be able to move his family out of the supervisory board housing.

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In the 2018 interview, Antoine revealed he’s due to the fact that got his advertisement driver’s patent and additionally a patent as a instead of teacher, working v Huntsville schools. At the moment he likewise shared that had actually a ‘beautiful infant boy’.

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