Melanie Griffith opens up up about her ‘toxic’ relationship with Antonio Banderas

For over 40 years, Melanie Griffith has been gracing our display screens with memorable duties in films such together Body double and working Girl. Increased in Hollywood by a movie star mother, Tippi Hedren, and Broadway actor dad Peter Griffith, Melanie was pretty lot born in the spotlight. Through a gold Globe win and also an Academy compensation nomination under her belt, the 62-year-old has proven herself together a truly successful and also talented actress.

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Of course, an additional thing the mother-of-three is known for, besides her outstanding career and also undeniable beauty, is her complicated love life. However, the end of all three husbands (and four marriages), she most well known relationship was v renowned Spanish gibbs Antonio Banderas, that she to be married to for almost two decades prior to their split.

Since then, the currently happily solitary actress has actually been enjoying the moment she has actually working ~ above herself and also her health. She has additionally opened up about her and also Banderas’ 18-year picture-perfect love story, what went wrong, and also her surprising present relationship condition with all 3 of her exes.

The lovely and also talented golden Globe-winning and also Academy Award-nominated actress Melanie Griffith has stunned the human being with her tremendous career because that over four decades. Known especially for she critically-acclaimed portrayals in movies like body Double, miscellaneous Wild, and Working Girl, Griffith has come to be a lasting and well-known name in the civilization of Hollywood.

Hollywood icon

However, her successful career is not all she is recognized for, she is additionally known for her highly-publicized love life, including four marriages to three different, equally famous men.

Griffith’s many recent and longest relationship was come the Spanish Hollywood heartthrob Antonio Banderas, that she was married come from 1996 till their how amazing divorce in 2015. The two movie stars very first crossed routes at the 1989 Academy Awards in 1989. Return Griffith was married to Miami Vice gibbs Don Johnson at the time, and also Banderas to be married to his wife of just two year Ana Leza, Griffith still controlled to capture the eye of her future husband.

Catching his eye

He to be enamored through the working Girl actress from the minute he observed her. “I witnessed this beautiful woman with a cream dress, v pearls,” the recalled. “The first thing the asked me means my age,” Griffith later on admitted. “I said, ‘That’s the rudest thing anyone has asked me first.’ however there was something around him.”

Six year after Banderas an initial fell because that Griffith, fate simply so taken place to throw the pair together again as they were actors alongside Daryl Hannah in the 1995 romantic comedy, 2 Much. Return both actors to be still married to your spouses, they couldn’t help but feel a connection, specifically after spending so lot time together at work.

On and off-screen romance

“It was very fast and really compulsive,” banderas explained. “But at the very same time, us were tied in ~ the time. We tried as much as we might to be respectful. We simply thought this might be one of those, you know, infatuation moments the we have actually when we shoot movies because we obtained to play together a couple, therefore let’s simply go home.”

Eventually, there to be no denying the there was a strong spark in between Griffith and Banderas. Regardless of Ana Leza harshly accusing Griffith the “stealing” her husband, the 2 actors left their previous far-ranging others behind so the they might walk down the aisle and also make their connection official.

Starting a family

Just four months after tying the node on may 14, 1996, the Hollywood pair welcomed a daughter together, Stella reversal (now 22). Stella to be Banderas’ very first child and also Griffith’s third, her first being boy Alexander Bauer (now 33), that she had actually with ex Dylan Bauer, and her second being 50 Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson (now 29), that she had with Don Johnson.

Despite the newlyweds often appearing together at red carpet events and Hollywood parties looking joyful and perfect, the reality was that no many civilization expected the couple to last at the time. One of the most well known of these non-believers of your lasting marriage just so taken place to be the Queen of popular music herself, Madonna.

In the way

The singer allegedly fell hard for banderas while starring with each other in the 1996 music drama film, Evita, simply months ~ he had actually married Griffith. Apparently, Madonna had also made she feelings quite clear come the actor, yet unfortunately for her, his brand-new wife obtained in the method of her setup to victory over her co-star’s heart.

When rumors spread about Madonna and also Banderas, the push accused Griffith of gift afraid the the popular music star taking away she man. The drama gained so bad, that Griffith, that was pregnant at the time, obtained banned indigenous visiting she husband while he was working on the Evita set.

Getting banned

“Madonna was after the publicly,” the actress later on told Larry King. “I to be pregnant once he to be doing Evita. The push made a huge thing about how Melanie’s watching end Antonio and also she won’t leave him alone with Madonna since she’s afraid the Madonna’s going to steal him.” She continued, “I was hurt since I to be banned indigenous the set. They didn’t let me walk on the set.”

Luckily, Banderas remained faithful come his brand-new wife and also mother that his future daughter, and nothing ever before happened between him and also Madonna, back the pop star admitted after that that she would have actually been happy if that had.

Turned down

“I wished,” the singer said about being in a connection with Banderas. “I had actually a large crush on him, but he was through Melanie Griffith. She never ever left his side,” she called Howard Stern throughout a 2015 interview.

Sadly, regardless of trying desperately for their marriage to last, Griffith and Banderas’ partnership eventually concerned an end in the summer of 2014, once they announced your “loving and friendly” split. By 2015, the previous Hollywood It couple were divorced.

The split

Although it shocked plenty of longtime fans and followers that their really public romance, one insider source claimed the the pair “had worries for years,” which reportedly only obtained worse together Banderas ongoing to invest a good deal that time traveling overseas for work.

Griffith opened up in 2017 come Porter Magazine about the real reason why her and Banderas finished their connection after 18 year of marriage. Follow to her, it had actually nothing to carry out with her ex in ~ all.

Feeling stuck

“I think component of the reason my marital relationship to Banderas dropped apart was due to the fact that I was stuck; nobody else is to blame,” she explained. “It’s simply that i personally obtained stuck and I won’t let that happen again, I desire to reap life, I want to do every little thing I desire to do.”

Despite no much longer being romantically involved, it definitely seems favor Banderas and also Griffith have actually maintained a close friendship. During a current interview v Entertainment Tonight, the gibbs admitted the he still has great respect, and love, for his ex-wife. “I will love the woman till the day i die,” he proud stated.

Still in love

“Melanie is my dear friend and she just texted me,” he said following his nomination and also loss because that an Emmy because that his duty in Genius. “She was really sorry that i didn’t win. Therefore we’re walk to view each various other this week because she’s still mine family and also my kids’.”

Griffith absolutely seems to feeling the same around her ex-husband, often proving the her and also Banderas just can be the friendliest exes in every one of Hollywood. In 2016, simply a year after their divorce, the actress common a an extremely touching birthday article to her former hubby writing, “I will always love you.”

Amicable exes

The functioning Girl star has also stated the she looks earlier at their marriage fondly and has no regrets whatsoever. “Starting a family with banderas was an ext exciting 보다 playing a part in a story,” she said. “You need to live her life and not simply play someone else every the time.”

Although reversal will constantly have a place in his heart because that his wife of 18 years, he has moved on and also has uncovered love again. Due to the fact that his and also Griffith’s rest in 2014, the Spanish actor has actually been date 38-year-old banker Nicole Kempel, who is two decades his junior.

Moving on

Banderas has actually been tight-lipped about a possible future proposal come his girlfriend, yet he go tell entertain Tonight that if it to be to ever before happen, it would certainly be a exclusive occasion.

Griffith, ~ above the various other hand, hasn’t been in a severe relationship since her divorce from Banderas. “I yes, really don’t think it’s relevant for anyone anymore,” she said, once asked about how she felt about getting married again one day. “But especially if you’re 60 and you have four kids and also you’re living the life you’ve always wanted. Then why get married?”

Not relevant

She continued, “It’s like, I would love to autumn in love and have a romance, a relationship, yet I haven’t. I store looking. I’ve had a couple of lovers however not a relationship.”

As because that her existing dating life, the blonde icon declared that she is “shy with males now” and also “very reticent.” She confessed, “I don’t go on dates, nobody has asked me ~ above a date. I go out with girlfriends.”

Best friends

One of her most famed friends is matriarch that the Kardashain-Jenner household, Kris Jenner, who Griffith became close v after meeting through Khloe Kardashian, that she share a gym trainer with. Follow to Griffith, jenner has also been make the efforts to collection her up with guys although she usually turns her down, saying that she find it also “weird.”

One the the reasons why Griffith isn’t specifically looking to run right back into the world of date again could be as result of the reality that she has been married four times prior, and also is ready for a break.

First husband

Of course, that all began with her very first husband, the Miami angry heartthrob Don Johnson, that she met when she was simply 14 and he was 22 top top the set of The Harrad Experiment in 1973. The controversial pair went top top to obtain married a couple of years later in 1976 – back the marriage only lasted a couple of months.

Griffith and Johnson finished up reuniting, and remarrying in June 1989, before welcoming your daughter Dakota later on that year, and divorcing in 1996 prior to marrying Banderas. Looking ago on her and Johnson’s relationship, the miscellaneous Wild star still believes their connection was expected to happen.

Meant to be

She describes her and also the her very first ex together “imprinted on every other” adding, “It was type of a herbal karmic point for us to get ago together and also to have Dakota.” Today, Griffith and Dakota – who got to fame it s her after starring in the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, space each other’s biggest supporters, and also closest friends.

Between Griffith and also Don Johnson’s 2 marriages, from 1981 come 1989, she was married to gibbs Steven Bauer, well-known for his role as Manny Ribera in the 1983 crime-drama Scarface. She met Bauer after ~ starring with each other in the 1981 made-for-television movie, She’s in the army Now, together Jamie Lee Curtis.

Second shot

Shortly after perfect the film, Griffith and Bauer bound the knot and welcomed a boy together, Alexander Bauer, in 1985. However, after ~ reconnecting v ex Don Johnson, the two dubbed things off and divorced prior to the ’90s also began.

Griffith’s famous mother, above actress the the ’60s Tippi Hedren, has actually a rocky relationship history of her own and was married 3 times. Griffith is really close to she mom, who is currently 89, and claims to have actually learned many an useful lessons from she over the years – especially in regards to just how she should be treated.

Famous mother

Hedren has admitted to gift “mentally abused and also tortured” by director Alfred Hitchcock, that catapulted her right into fame by making her the leading lady of two of his most popular films, The Birds and also Marnie. “I knew not to ever before let somebody take advantage of me,” Griffith said, adding that she was constantly “aware the what to be possible” in the industry.

The Body double star learned from she mother’s horrifying endure with Hitchcock to always stand up for herself, especially throughout the earlier years of she career.

Valuable lesson

“If ns think back, there were points that were asked, and also I would simply say, ‘No, I’m no doing it that way,’ yet you had actually to be strong and know what you wanted.” She added, “I think I always had that. I was a touch chick. I wouldn’t carry out something if ns didn’t desire to carry out it.”

Today, Griffith is focusing less that her power on recognize a romantic partner, and much more on herself and also her health. The 61-year-old has uncovered a brand-new passion because that fitness, and is regularly sharing her impressive workout routines and showing turn off her strong abs and slim physique through her plenty of followers top top Instagram.

Staying fit

The actress has been working on she fitness with Beverly Hills-based celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson because that the past seven years, who she call “kind of my therapist.”

Although her exhilaration career has actually seemed to slow down indigenous her earlier years, Griffith is tho is appearing in the occasional on-screen duty every now and then, proving that she is simply as talented as ever.

Making a comeback

Her many recent performances were in the 2017 movies Pirate that Somalia, a biographical drama starring Al Pacino, and also James Franco’s dark comedy The catastrophe Artist. She additionally recently appeared in an episode of the well-known Showtime series, SMILF.

The 61-year-old has actually been enjoying single life, and also is embracing all of the time that she has for herself now that her youngsters have all grown up. She is likewise looking front to her next chapter in she life, and is also considering composing a memoir.

Next chapter

“After acquiring divorced and, in a way, finishing up through my kids, I have time and also the possibility to reboot and revitalize my career,” she said. As for her exes? She is tho friends through all three of them. The actress gushed, “All of mine husbands, my three husbands, i love them all so much, and we’re an extremely close.”

And Melanie walk abide by she words. In so late 2018, banderas was nominated because that the prestigious Emmy award. However, he ended up going house empty-handed. Return he had actually the assistance of his girlfriend, reversal told in the interview adhering to the ceremony that his ex-wife likewise offered she sympathies.


He claimed that she is his “dear friend” and also just sent out him a text. In it, she stated she “was yes, really sorry” that didn’t take home the coveted award. He told the interviewer they were going to check out each various other that weekend, because to Banderas, “she tho family.”

Although the actress isn’t looking to acquire remarried any time soon, she isn’t ruling out falling in love again. In a 2018 interview she stated that she “would love to fall in love,” with a relationship and a romantic is definitely on she radar.


However, it appears that it’s just not happening for her right now. She go “keep looking,” together she says, yet she isn’t in a hurry. She said she had “a pair of lovers,” yet nothing she could speak to a relationship.

But it seems Melanie does keep her emphasis on enjoying her life as much as possible. She posted some enviable posts about a recent expedition to Spain v some girlfriend on her social media account.

Instagram: Melanie Griffith

In general, it appears Griffith is all around celebrating life as ideal she can, with her account filled v beautiful scenery pictures of areas she’s been, images of her beloved children, and pictures the her surrounded by friends. It appears Griffith is happy v the means things are, right now.

The stunning actress recently celebrated her 62nd year on this earth, in a exclusive party thrown by her daughter, Stella. Return Dakota was missed throughout the celebrations, it’s clear the Griffith’s relationship with her household is close and warm.


Dakota reportedly feels the same method towards she grandmother, Griffith’s mother, Tippi Hedren. She lugged her to the premier that her recent horror movie, Suspirio, in a gesture to Hedren’s roles in the Hitchcock thrillers.

But apparently, some things have to be left behind. Griffith’s arm tattoo, baring Banderas’ surname Antonio inside a heart, to be a very large token that the two’s love because that each other. She acquired it in the late 1990s, once the two gained together.

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It seems that Griffith didn’t desire this black reminder on her arm any type of longer though, since she acquired the name removed in late 2014, a small bit prior to the two announced their split. A couple of years later, she eliminated it entirely, leave her eight bare, fit for a new start.

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