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Marquise "Hollywood" Brown start the most anticipated game of the 2020 NFL season as Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson"s top wide receiver target.

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Brown gotten in the league last year v some concerns about his health and ability to burn cornerbacks in the same way he did in college at Oklahoma. So far, though, he"s to be the player Baltimore hoped he would be and also offered promise he can get also better.

Brown has 143 receiving yards v the very first two gamings of this season after accumulating 584 and also seven touchdowns in his rookie campaign.

Brown also has an exciting (and fitting) nickname and cousin that was freshly an All-Pro receiver.

Here"s what come know around the second-year wideout:

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Why is Marquise Brown nicknamed "Hollywood"?

Brown came down on Oklahoma v the nickname "Jet" but has due to the fact that been referred to much more often together "Hollywood." The moniker originates from Fox college football broadcaster Gus Johnson, who began calling Brown "Hollywood" due to the fact that of his hometown that Hollywood, Fla., and also his explosiveness with the Sooners.

"Hollywood" resonated with Oklahoma fans and also the remainder of the college football world, and also the nickname stuck. Brown met Johnson in 2017 and gave his approval.

Gus Johnson has actually been wanting to accomplish the guy he calls “Hollywood Brown.” Today, the happened. Marquise Brown, native Hollywood, Fla., told Gus the approves of the nickname (he even readjusted his Twitter username). #Sooners
CFBONFOX pic.twitter.com/BoGPJMhczS

— Oklahoma football (
OU_Football) November 11, 2017

Is Marquise Brown concerned Antonio Brown?

Marquise Brown is the younger cousin of former All-Pro Steelers broad receiver Antonio Brown, who career has been derailed by legal problems.

How an excellent can "Hollywood" Brown become?

Brown is in suitable situation for a young receiver, obtaining paired up v an MVP-level quarterback in Lamar Jackson feather to uncover a go-to outside option for years come come. Jackson"s arm toughness pairs well with Brown"s downfield speed, and also there are similarities in between the way Brown can play through Jackson and also the method he played at Oklahoma v Kyler Murray. Brown doesn"t have much positional competition in 2020, i beg your pardon should allow him to receive plenty that targets.

He didn"t have a monster rookie year, but he did provide flashes of greatness that included 147 yards in his NFL debut. Many of his production came in his very first seven games (454 the 584 yards); he attributed his late-season battles to pains in his lower body.

Brown appears on track to come to be an yearly 1,000-yard receiving danger if he remains healthy.

What was Marquise Brown"s 40-yard dash time?

Brown didn"t participate in the NFL breeze Combine because of a foot injury, therefore he never gained to flash his elite rate in an official timed capacity. He believes he could have run a sub-4.30.

When go the Ravens draft Marquise Brown?

Baltimore selected Brown with the No. 25 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. 

Brown played a season at college of the Canyons, a junior college, prior to transferring to Oklahoma; the didn"t have any scholarship supplies coming out of high school. His two periods as a Sooners receiver to be spectacular. That racked up 2,413 yards and also 17 touchdowns in Norman catching passes native Baker Mayfield and also Kyler Murray.

Marquise Brown college injury

Brown endured a severe injury come the Lisfranc an ar of his foot the prematurely finished his final season at Oklahoma and required surgery. Foot injuries are an especially concerning for rate receivers, and the setback likely dented his breeze stock. He also picked increase hip and ankle injuries the nagged him together an NFL rookie.

He received a 2nd foot surgery this previous offseason.

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Marquise Brown highlights

Below room highlight tapes that Marquise "Hollywood" Brown in ~ Oklahoma and in Baltimore.