When it pertains to anxiety, depression, and also stress-related illnesses, America is the frontrunner. Thankfully, Max Lucado offers a roadmap because that battling with and also healing from anxiety. Do you feeling weighted down through worry? go the uncertainty and chaos the life keep you up in ~ night? space irrational fears your constant companion? Could you usage some calm? discover God’s treatment setup for anxiety discovered in the most underlined city in the Bible, Philippians 4:6–7: Be anxious for nothing, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, through thanksgiving, current your requests to God. And also the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will certainly guard her hearts and also your minds in Christ Jesus.

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Anxious because that Nothing - session 1 - Rejoice in the mr Always

Duration: 20:46

Anxiety is no so much the onslaught the a storm together the continual threat that one is coming. We have actually been taught that the Christian life is among peace. As soon as we don"t have peace, we assume the problem is within us, i beg your pardon leads united state to feel guilty. However while the presence of stress and anxiety is unavoidable, the prison of stress is optional. When Paul writes to "be anxious for nothing," that is saying, "Don"t allow anything leaving you perpetually in angst and also breathless." The prescription for stress is come "rejoice in the Lord." This is not a speak to to a feeling yet to a decision.


Anxious for Nothing - conference 2 - Let your Gentleness Be apparent to All

Duration: 20:13

A gentle human is level-headed and reacts to anxiety with steadiness and also fairness. Us can select to pick up every disappointment, anxiety or frustration the is tossed our way, or we can choose to not pick up that garbage in the first place. We no only have the an option of how we will certainly perceive trials, yet how we will react come them. Contagiously calm civilization trust that God is constantly in control and also encourage others approximately them that whatever will be okay.


Anxious because that Nothing - conference 3 - present Your Requests come God

Duration: 20:45

Our primary speak to to activity in the fight against anxiety is prayer. The power of prayer is no in chanting the right formula or quoting some mystery code, however in the love of the one praying. God is no manipulated or impressed by formulas or eloquence, however he is relocated by thank you requests. Together his children, we honor him once we tell him exactly what we need.


Anxious for Nothing - session 4 - The peace of God will certainly Guard her Heart

Duration: 21:35

"Where is God?" is just one of the an initial and most common questions us ask when dealing with life"s storms. God never promised a life without storms. Yet he promised come be v us once we face them. As we execute our part — rejoice in the Lord, seek a gentle spirit, pray about everything, cling to gratitude — God does his part...he builds a fortress that peace approximately our hearts and our minds.


Anxious because that Nothing - conference 5 - Meditate on these Things

Duration: 21:21

The best method to confront anxiety in life is v clear-headed, reasonable thinking.

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ours minds space constantly under attack. But, while there are many things in life end which we have actually no control, we obtain to choose what we think about. So, instead of responding to unknowns through anxious thoughts, we need to hand our minds over to Christ. We must let him control our thoughts through his truth.