Having been taken on by the likes that Christian Bale and Michael Keaton, there are couple of superhero characters as iconic as Batman.

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After disappointing reaction to the Batman vs Superman and Justice league films helmed through Zack Snyder, Warner Bros decided a adjust of direction remained in order. Despite Affleck penned a script and also was due to direct and also star in 2022"s The Batman, he climate walked away from the job entirely.

Now, after ~ a long wait and also a few coronavirus-enforced delays, firmer details are beginning to come to light around what we have the right to expect indigenous the next chapter the Gotham"s resides hero.

Here"s what we understand so far.


In may 2020 that was evidenced that Robert Pattinson would take ~ above the role of the caped crusader – a great move us think – and one that proceeds Pattinson"s arc back into the tendency (hello, Tenet) ~ a run of arthouse hits prefer Claire Denis" High Life and 2020"s The Lighthouse.

Describing the reaction come his spreading as "less vitriolic than I was expecting," Pattinson himself seemed genuinely deeply surprised to have actually won the function when vxcialistoufjg.com request him around it. "It"s type of insane," Pattinson called us. "I to be so much away from ever thinking it was a realistic prospect. Ns literally carry out not understand just how I’ve obtained it, at all."

So what will he execute with Bruce Wayne? We gained a small bit much more insight from Pattinson in October 2019. "He"s a complicated character," he told the New York Times. "I don’t think I could ever beat a real hero – there"s always got to it is in something a little bit wrong. I think it’s since one of my eye is smaller sized than the other one."

Pattinson included that Batman is a "dope" character: "His morality is a small bit off. He"s no the gold boy, unlike nearly every various other comic-book character. There is a simplicity to his worldview, however where it sit is strange, which allows you come have an ext scope with the character."

Former Batman Christian Bale gave the spreading two Bat-thumbs-up. "Good choice! He"s interesting," Bale told Variety in September. "I"m sure he"ll come up v something actual interesting."

Who’s directing and writing?

Matt Reeves, who made Cloverfield, and both Dawn that the earth of the Apes and War for the world of the Apes is directing. He’s additionally written the script, collaborating with Peter Craig, who"s best known for penning The Hunger Games: Mockingjay and also Bad guys for Life.

What will happen in The Batman?

So much we know, The Batman will certainly follow Bruce Wayne in his 2nd year of crimefighting, and also his attempts come root out corruption at the heart of Gotham’s federal government while on the follow of a serial killer.

Is filming finished?

Not yet, despite it’s sketched in come wrap at some allude in February. Us saw manufacturing happening in ~ the end of last year: in October, Pattinson was checked out filming in different locations approximately Liverpool. Fingers crossed the finale will involve a large punch-up in ~ the top of Radio City Tower.


Here, Patto"s was standing on the front actions of St George"s hall in the city centre. That"s the palatial building which you see when you"ve weaved round the statues that Bessie Braddock and Ken Dodd to departure Lime Street station. The looks prefer it"s being offered as a stand-in for among Gotham"s many grand municipal buildings, and this one"s host to a memorial organization for one of the city"s an excellent and good. Most likely not Ken Dodd.


Elsewhere in the city, there to be shots of Batman doing his watchful sentinel thing on the Liver building down at Pier Head, which was lit up an extremely dramatically.


Other shots showed gangs that protestors, waving suspiciously well-made indications complaining around all those flipping lies they"ve had actually to attend to lately. Too countless lies!

Between The Batman and also Joker, Gotham"s in a perpetual state of slightly grotty revolt these days. Compare that to the prim orderliness of The Dark Knight, when even the convicts locked increase on that watercraft with the usual punters might be relied ~ above to execute the right thing in one explode-or-be-exploded situation. This brand-new DC universe is a lot an ext shouty, though at least all the protestors have remembered their confront coverings.

The big reveal of all these pap snaps, though, is a hitherto unknown cameo for regional impresario invoice Kenwright.

Who rather is in the cast?

Batman will confront off versus Paul Dano, who"s play the Riddler together an reportedly Zodiac Killer-inspired take it on the character. At the same time Colin Farrell will be playing renowned mega-thief and occasional hand-to-hand combat experienced the Penguin. Reeves quite much shown that none on Twitter, v a recommendation to The Penguin"s full name – Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot – and a gif from In Bruges.

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Elsewhere, Coen brother muse john Turturro will certainly be underworld kingpin Carmine Falcone. In the Nolan Batmans, Falcone was played by Tom Wilkinson, who brought a mafioso gravitas to the duty of the drug-running, Gotham-dominating crime boss.

Zoë Kravitz of Big tiny Lies and Mad Max: fury Road, will certainly be playing Catwoman – a function she additionally voiced in The Lego Batman Movie – and Jeffrey Wright will certainly star as Commissioner Jim Gordon. You"ll know him as Felix Leiter indigenous Casino Royale and also Quantum of Solace. That duty reportedly almost went to Mahershala Ali, but he decided in the end to make a Blade reboot instead.

Andy Serkis is onboard together Alfred Pennyworth, memorably played in Christopher Nolan"s Batman series by Michael Caine and also His huge Sad Sobs. Serkis is a Reeve veteran, having functioned with the director on both Apes films. "I to be literally half way through shooting my component in it when we obtained shut down,” Serkis said Ladbible ago in May. At 55 years young, it looks like we’ll be see a decidedly much more fresh-faced Alfred in comparison come Caine and Michael Gough’s venerable take away on the character. That is, unless he experience a CGI-transformation. The is Andy Serkis, after all. He can’t get enough of it.

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Is this the begin of a new trilogy?

Moving earlier toward the commemorated Christopher Nolan Batman franchise, it has actually been evidenced that The Batman will undoubtedly be a trilogy, v Pattinson reportedly signing a three-picture deal. Reeves, that coyly evidenced the news that his spreading with three Bat emojis and also a gif that the actor, is thought to have actually only signed on for the first film. There’s a HBO Max spin-off collection in development too.

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How walk The Batman to the right in through all the various other Batmen?

The brand-new series will certainly be a fresh start for the franchise, through no link to Zak Snyder"s films. Affleck"s now-scrapped manuscript was rumoured to be a noir-style story, with facets of a detective film. However, the new trilogy is concentrating on a younger Batman, v the first instalment likely an beginning story, in the same vein as Batman Begins. That said, Reeves told The Hollywood Reporter that the tone could not be too dissimilar.

"It"s very much a point of view-driven, noir Batman tale," that said. "It"s told an extremely squarely ~ above his shoulders, and also I hope it"s going to it is in a story that will certainly be thrilling but likewise emotional. It’s more Batman in his detective setting that we’ve viewed in the films."

He explained, "The comics have a history of that. is claimed to it is in the world’s greatest detective, and that’s no necessarily to be a part of what the movies have actually been."

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Will The Batman overcome over through Joker?

Pattinson"s Bruce Wayne versus Joaquin Phoenix"s Joker is an extremely spicy-looking headline bout. Sadly, though, it"s also really unlikely. Rather apart from the practicalities of pass the pair together temporally – Phoenix"s Joker is in his late 30s in 1981 and we"re assuming that The Batman will certainly take place nowish, so Pattinson beating up a pensioner can not it is in the most edifying spectacle – Joker manager Todd Phillips claimed the film"s setting was deliberately chosen to head turn off potential sequels.

"The movie"s not set up come a sequel," Phillips called an LA press conference in 2019. "We constantly pitched it as one movie, and that"s it." He further grumped: "We do this movie, i pitched it to Warner Bros as one movie. It exist in its very own world. That"s it."

However, one fan concept – i m sorry Phillips hasn"t completely refuted – is the Phoenix"s Joker isn"t the Joker, therefore the lack of that definite write-up in the film"s title. Instead, he can be the genuine deal"s precursor, some type of anarchic man the Baptist. "Maybe Joaquin’s character influenced the Joker," Phillips called the LA Times. "You don"t really know. His last heat in the movie is, "You wouldn"t get it." There"s a lot walking on in over there that’s interesting." the would, potentially, administer the tidy timelines needed for a Caped Crusader v Clown Prince of Crime showdown in The Batman. Although it does feeling a bit of a rigid cop-out.

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What walk the Batmobile look at like?

Obviously Batman"s journey is a pretty necessary party of the whole renewal the the character, and we obtained a sneak emergence of what Pattinson"s Bruce Wayne will be cruising around Gotham in via manager Matt Reeves" Twitter feeding in march 2020. Feast her eyes.