OK! proceeds its ongoing series of interviews with the lovely females of the struggle NBC display Deal or No Deal v the gorgeous #10 herself, Anya Monzikova, who tells OK! all around the long and bumpy roadway from the steps of Russia come the stairs that Deal or No Deal.

"When i was 7-and-a-half, mine mother and I relocated from Russia to Florida," the 23-year-old beauty, beauty recalls. "I didn’t speak any English, so the was kind of prefer being thrown right right into it. I was put into an ESL program at school and also I acquired so freaked out due to the fact that I couldn’t recognize what anyone to be saying and also I started crying. They sent out me come the principal’s office and I walk home and didn’t go back to school for 6 months."

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However, this time far from school actually functioned to Anya's benefit, she explains: "I simply stayed residence watching TV and also learning English by watching Sesame Street!"

Following high school, the 5'9" stunner did what every hopeful model and also actress who desires of Hollywood stardom does. "I packed my auto to the optimal with everything I own — friend couldn’t view out of any of the windows! — and drove across country."

But unlike numerous who come in Tinseltown through nothing yet hopes and dream, Anya actually had actually a hard gig lined up — or at least she thought she did. "I come out right here to work on a pilot for a TV show," she defines to OK!. "It was type of prefer Trading Spaces wherein we’d teach children to make eco-friendly homes." yet Anya easily learned the harsh realities of life together a TV personality. "We functioned on the pilot for 6 months, and also then every little thing just dropped through," she tells OK!. "I obtained kicked the end of the house, literally. Every little thing was simply gone within a second. Ns was left without a house and had to simply kind of begin from scratch."

The hardship wasn't enough to discourage Anya native realizing her dream. "I began going come school, doing some theater in college, taking part film production classes," she explains. "And really just hitting the pavement and also going to auditions, do the efforts to get a job." and after a couple of years of trying to find a break, along comes Howie Mandel. "Finally Deal or No transaction happened and also my career’s simply started acquisition off — it’s a blessing, really."

And now Anya, that admits that her jarring experiences throughout her beforehand days in Hollywood has actually her maintaining a crawl eye on her finances, has her mind collection on permanent goals. "Acting and also working in the entertainment field is miscellaneous I’ve just constantly known I want to do," Anya, who tells OK! she'd love to occupational with Woody Allen, recalls. "Whether I would certainly be directing, producing, acting, or modeling — Hollywood’s a an excellent town and also there room so numerous opportunities. I simply love making films and getting right into a great character. I love what i do and also definitely check out myself law this for rather a long time."

When it concerns talking around behind-the-scenes keys of the show, Anya, who some the other girls have actually nicknamed the "Crazy Russian" states she can't reveal the identity of the secret banker, but she does call OK! the the male in the booth has actually his own an enig entrance and also that that is definitely talking to Howie ~ above the phone during the show. " anyone thinks there’s no one on the other line and Howie's simply making stuff up, that he’s pretending," she says. "But he’s actually there."

She also says she and also some that the other girls, who have actually no idea which instance holds the $1,000,000, have actually tried different methods of figuring the end who's stop those big amounts. "Sometimes I choose up the case and also it feels more heavier so i think, 'I have a high lot this time, I recognize it!'" therefore does that ever before work? "No... It’s really the I’m simply weaker 보다 I was the job before!"

For an ext of Anya, inspect out her net site anyamonzikova.net and also check out Deal or No Deal tonight in ~ 8 p.m. ET ~ above NBC.

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