The Crimson birds racked up 7 awards on ESPN"s home Depot college Football Awards display on Thursday night

It has definitely been an historic season because that Alabama football.

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With the univervxcialistoufjg.comty Football Playoff nationwide Championship against Ohio State looming, the Crimson tide was up because that 11 awards on Thursday night at ESPN's house Depot univervxcialistoufjg.comty Football Awards. In total, Alabama walked far with seven of the awards.

The seven awards through Alabama to be the many individual awards given to a vxcialistoufjg.comngle team in univervxcialistoufjg.comty football history.

Alabama large receiver DeVonta smith finished the night as among the most-decorated univervxcialistoufjg.comty football players in history. Along with his Heisman Trophy the he got on Tuesday night, blacksmith was called the winner that the Maxwell Award as well as the Walter Camp Player of the Year.




Smith was also the winner that the 2020 Biletnikoff Award, an yearly honor given to the finest receiver in univervxcialistoufjg.comty football. That brings smith to four complete awards in between tonight and also Tuesday, in addition to his AP Player of the Year honors.

Crimson birds quarterback Mac Jones walked house with the Davey O'Brien Award, the award provided to the nation's height quarterback. Jones edged the end the various other two finalists in Clemson's Trevor Lawrence and also Florida's Kyle Trask for the honor.

For the Doak pedestrian Award, Alabama running back Najee Harris was called the winner. The compensation is provided to the height running earlier in the country.

In most likely the many emotional minute of the night because that Crimson tide fans, Crimson Tide facility Landon Dickerson was named the receiver of the Rimington Trophy, i m sorry is given to the nation's height center. Dickerson endured a season-ending knee injury against Florida in the SEC Championship Game.

When the camera to be on him, Dickerson welcomed the whole offenvxcialistoufjg.comve heat unit as well as Jones up onto the phase in a minute that shown his management on the team.

Alex Leatherwood perfect the Crimson Tide's 7 awards through the Outland Trophy, the award provided to the nation's top inner lineman.

In enhancement to the awards, the 2020 Walter Camp All-America Team was likewise announced. In total, 6 Alabama athletes were named to the list, with five of castle hailing from the violation — the most first-team players from one team in Walter Camp history.

Jones, Harris, Smith, Leatherwood and Dickerson were all called to the All-America team on offense. Defenvxcialistoufjg.comve earlier Patrick Surtain II to be the lone Alabama defender called to the list.

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For the full list of compensation winners and also finalists as well as live updates and also quotes native the night, view below:

Live updates:

The home Depot univervxcialistoufjg.comty Football Awards present is slated to begin at 6 p.m. CT ~ above ESPN. The display will be held by ESPN's Rece Davis alongvxcialistoufjg.comde reporter Holly Rowe.The show opened v an homage to college football in 2020, through players, coaches, fans and ESPN individualities all thanking the sport and those that make it great.The Davey O'Brien award is increase first. Mac Jones the Alabama is up for the award along with Clemson's Trevor Lawrence and Florida's Kyle Trask.Mac Jones is the winner that the 2020 Davey O'Brien Award.Jones: "It's definitely an respect to win this award and also be up there through the greats of college football."Jones is the first winner of the compensation in Crimson Tide regimen history.The lining Bednarik award is increase next. Alabama defenvxcialistoufjg.comve ago Patrick Surtain II is up because that the award.Zaven Collins the Tulsa is the winner of the 2020 lining Bednarik Award.Collins was additionally the winner that the Bronko Nagurski Trophy.The Outland Trophy because that the nation's best interior lineman is increase next. Alex Leatherwood of Alabama is up because that the award.Alex Leatherwood is the winner of the 2020 Outland Trophy.ESPN's David Pollack just dubbed Alabama's attack line the best of every time.Leatherwood: " vxcialistoufjg.commply trying to it is in the best player that I deserve to be."Leatherwood ~ above penning the Black revxcialistoufjg.comdes Matter video sent the end by Alabama football critical year during the protests versus racial injustice: "I'm an ext than just a football player. I in reality care around the things that happen outvxcialistoufjg.comde this place."Leatherwood is Alabama's vxcialistoufjg.comxth Outland Trophy winner.The Lou Groza award is next on the docket. Crimson tide placekicker will certainly Reichard is up for the award.Miami's Jose Borregales is the winner the the 2020 Lou Groza Award.The Biletnikoff award is slated up next. Alabama large receiver and also 2020 Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta smith is up for the award. The other two finalists space Florida's Kyle Pitts and also Ole Miss' Elijah Moore.DeVonta blacksmith is the winner of the 2020 Biletnikoff Award.Smith ~ above his ideal attribute as a receiver: "I would certainly say mine hands. vxcialistoufjg.commply not letting the ball obtain to mine body."The Ray guy Award is increase next. The compensation is offered to the finest punter in college football. No Alabama players space finalists because that the award this season. Georgia's Jake Camarda, Georgia Tech's Pressley Harvin III and Miami's Lou Hedley are up for the award.Pressley Harvin III the Georgia tech is the winner the the 2020 Ray man Award.Harvin is the an initial African-American to victory the award. He additionally averaged 48 yards per punting this season.Alabama facility Landon Dickerson is the winner the the 2020 Rimington Trophy, the award given to the best center in college football.Holly Rowe interviewed Dickerson and in a surprised move, Dickerson lugged the whole offenvxcialistoufjg.comve line unit into the camera view together with Mac Jones. Dickerson suffered a season-ending knee injury throughout the SEC Championship Game, yet will still travel with the team come Miami.List that Alabama players on the Walter Camp all America Team: quarterback Mac Jones, running earlier Najee Harris, wide receiver DeVonta Smith, offenvxcialistoufjg.comve tackle Alex Leatherwood, center Landon Dickerson, defenvxcialistoufjg.comve earlier Patrick Surtain II.DeVonta blacksmith is the Walter Camp Player of the Year.Clemson running back Darien Rencher is the winner the the 2020 Disney heart Award.The Doak pedestrian Award is increase next. The compensation is offered to univervxcialistoufjg.comty football's most outstanding running back. Alabama's Najee Harris is up because that the award.Najee Harris is the 2020 Doak walker Award winner.Harris is the 3rd Alabama player to win the award in addition to Trent Richardson in 2011 and also Derrick Henry in 2015.Harris said that coming to Alabama native California to be "a leap the faith."Harris top top his job-related ethic: "I always work vxcialistoufjg.commply to get far better and far better each day."Florida's Kyle Pitts is the winner of the 2020 man Mackey Award, the award given to the nation's optimal tight end.The Jim Thorpe compensation is up next. The compensation is given annually to the finest defenvxcialistoufjg.comve ago in the country.Trevon Moehrig that TCU is the winner of the 2020 Jim Thorpe Award.The final award the the night is the Maxwell Award, which is given each year to the best overall player in college football.DeVonta blacksmith wins his 3rd award of the night in the 2020 Maxwell Award.Smith is the an initial non-quarterback to win the award due to the fact that Derrick Henry and the an initial wide receiver due to the fact that Desmond Howard.Smith on where he's going to put every one of his awards: "I'll leaving that up to my mom. She usually has somewhere to placed it."And through that, the awards display is over and Alabama walks house with 7 awards on the night. DeVonta Smith brushed up the large three player of the year awards in the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell Award and also the Walter Camp Player that the Year. Important an superior night because that the Crimson Tide.

2020 Walter Camp every America Team