In case, if you"ve sent essential text messages, and also the recipient doesn"t answer at all, you can get every curious to recognize whether that the recipient has read the or ignoring you or they space actually busy v work.

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If the blog post is a casual one, it"s not a difficulty at all, however if the issue of the text message is urgent, climate you can find this to be a problem. However, over there are methods to inspect the condition of a message.

Checking message status in iOS device

This method works once the post recipient has read receipts permitted and both that them must be utilizing iPhone iMessage. Below is the technique to revolve on the review receipts from her iPhone.

Step 1: open up Settings in her phone

Step 2: walk to Messages

Step 3: once you discover the "Send read Receipts", rotate on the toggle switch.

This an approach doesn"t work if the recipient has Android or windows mobile for that matter.

Checking post status ~ above Android device

Similar to the iOS device, Android also comes with review receipts option. In terms of method, it is exact same as iMessage as sender needs to have actually same texting application as the recipient who "read receipts" is enabled on your phone already. The process might vary slightly follow to the handset maker. Yet generally it looks prefer this:

Step 1: Open text article app.

Step 2: walk to Settings -> text Messages.

Step 3: Turn off check out Receipts. Additionally, friend can likewise turn deliver Receipts ~ above or off as well.

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Social media apps

When it concerns apps, there space two necessary medium the we use to connect with ours friends -- Facebook and also Whatsapp. While over there is no option to revolve off the read receipts in Facebook, there is a means in Whatsapp.

Step 1: open WhatsApp

Step 2: Head on to Settings

Step 3: go to Account -> Privacy

Step 4: Now uncheck the check out Receipts.

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