Looking to pull a prank top top a friend? We have the right to help! below are the best spoof contact apps and also fake speak to apps because that Android!


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Spoof calls and fake phone call are periodically fun and even periodically useful. Spoof calls make for good pranks roughly April Fool’s work or during spooky seasons like Halloween. Additionally, fake speak to apps can provide you a reason to get up and walk away from one embarrassing or awkward situation. Nevertheless of the reasons, we deserve to help! below are the finest spoof call apps and also fake contact apps for Android!

Please note: we carry out not endorse spam calling, robocalling, or other activities of questionable legality. These apps space designed for one-off or occasional uses and not because that engaging in an illegal enterprise. Please check out the FCC rules here before using any of these apps. This perform is because that educational and entertainment functions only.

The best spoof call and fake contact apps for Android

Dingtone is a call and texting app. It features primarily as a second-line service or as a cheap phone call call service for civilization with Wi-Fi. However, girlfriend can readjust your number fairly easily and also you can earn totally free calls by city hall ads. Thus, you deserve to place the occasional fake phone contact if you need to. This also functions fine for totally free texting as lengthy as you nothing mind watching the ads. It’s no a caller i would spoofer or anything like that. However, that quick and also easy to sign up so you can still use it to have some fun.

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This app lets you obtain a fake phone contact from a call of your choice. Again, this is valuable for acquiring out of aer or uncomfortable cases or to just mess through your friends. The app lets you decide the number and also photo of the fake caller. Girlfriend can likewise schedule calls and even set a stated ringtone for your fake caller. We favor this one because it has actually a lot of of little additions the we quite like. For instance, it supplies the proximity sensor to recognize if the phone is close to your face so it’ll turn the display dark favor your actual dialer app would do. The pro variation is an absurd $10.99, but otherwise, this is just one of the great spoof call apps.