Besides the occasional fun v an innocent prank call amongst friends, a call number-changing application can also help protect your phone number privacy.

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Need an application to readjust phone number when calling someone? read on to discover out more on our peak picks!

DISCLAIMER: does not condone or endorse spam calling, robocalling or any task that is legitimate questionable.

What room the different kinds the apps to readjust phone number as soon as calling someone?

Before that, there are some essential distinctions to do first.

There are numerous apps that can change your call number when calling someone

Typically, an application that alters your phone number once calling someone is either:

A phone call number spoofing appA 2nd phone number app

Both apps “change” your phone number, but how they perform it is fully different.

A call number spoofing app allows friend to do calls using your actual phone number, however masks it over so that your speak to recipient sees an additional number or naught at every on their caller ID.

A second phone number app ~ above the other hand permits you to acquisition one or multiple different phone numbers that you deserve to use come send and also receive calls and also texts without her actual phone number.

Some apps that adjust your call number when calling someone can likewise be a combination of both.

App to readjust phone number when calling someone: Our optimal 5 Picks

1. TextPlus

(Image credit: TextPlus) TextPlus lets users send and receive countless messages - detailed they"re in Canada or the USA

Type: Second phone number app

Price: Free through in-app purchases

If you’re at this time residing in Canada or the USA, TextPlus is a an excellent second call number application to have.

With TextPlus you can send and also receive limitless SMSes and also MMSes, and also inbound calls because that free. Every you need to do is select a number you desire to use.

Unlike most 2nd phone number and call spoofing apps the end there, TextPlus allows you to earn call/text credits instead of buying them. You can do this by watching in-app ads.

Note, however, that you deserve to only have actually one separate phone number with TextPlus.

The app’s calling prices are also not the cheapest and also you won’t have the ability to make calls v it if girlfriend travel outside Canada or the USA.

Great for: no-frills, low-cost second phone number

2. Spoofcard

(Image credit: Spoofcard) Spoofcard is an interesting mix that both call spoofing and second phone number app

Type: Hybrid

Price: 7.95 for 9 spoof texts

While Spoofcard appears to have actually some trouble with its brand-new credit system, the unique range of features includes many commonly found in standard 2nd phone number and phone number spoofing apps.

Spoofcard individuals will have access to voice changer options, as well as background noise options. Additionally, the application also allows users to call using WiFi (just like apps such together WhatsApp and also Telegram).

All of this cool features packed right into one nifty does come through a heftier price sign though. In ~ 7.95 USD for just 9 spoof texts, Spoofcard quickly ranks among the many expensive call number-changing apps on the market.

Great for: infrequent use v high reliability

3. Fake Caller i would free

(Image credit: Fake Caller ID) Fake Caller ID lets you do fake phone calls and spoofs your phone number

Type: Phoner number spoofing app

Price: complimentary with in-app purchases

Few speak to spoofing apps come close come decent, and Fake caller identifier is a clean cut above the rest.

Fake Caller ID walk what its surname implies. Merely open the app, do a contact from your phone and your recipient receives a fake number.

With this app, you deserve to make fake phone call calls come others and also yourself. Require an excuse to gain out of an awkward conversation? Fake Caller ID’s fake phone call are right here to conserve the day.

Anyhow, Fake Caller i would is a great app to have actually if you’re simply looking to have fun or do the sometimes fake phone call. If you’re looking for a long-term phone number privacy solution, you’ll have to try elsewhere

Great for: prank call or if you desire to make fake call calls top top an sometimes basis

4. Line2

Line 2 is a ideal 2nd phone number application for business professionals

Type: Second phone call number app

Price: 8.30 / month

Need an app to change phone number once calling someone for service purposes?

Line2 is a 2nd phone number application optimized because that every busy functioning professional.

In addition to the standard offerings, the app also packs other job-related productivity and also business communication features together as:

Conference callingAuto-attendantToll-free number calling

With Line2, you can additionally add an ext than one line for various departments of your service or team.

Line2’s setup makes it best for people looking to keep job-related and an individual life separate. However if you’ve little use for the app’s company tools, it may be far better to take into consideration a cheaper, much more relevant alternative instead.

Great for: working experts looking for a an extensive suite of organization communication tools

5. Phoner

Phoner"s second phone numbers are great for any privacy-concerned user.

Type: Second phone call number app

Price: free with in-app purchases

Last but not least, the our really own Phoner second phone number app.

Phoner is designed through the daily user in mind.

It lacks business-oriented features that Line2 possesses. That can’t adjust your voice or make her recipients think you’re somewhere else like Fake Caller identifier does.

But it can promise you countless phone numbers that reliably send and receive calls and also texts almost everywhere in the world, there is no the need for a brand-new SIM card.

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Because Phoner doubles together a burner call number app, all phone number on Phoner are easily disposable. Feel cost-free to usage them as lengthy as friend want, and also get drive of them as soon as things take an strange turn.

Great for: users looking for a reliable and also affordable quick or permanent privacy solution

Change your phone number once calling today

Protecting her phone number privacy can be daunting these days, however using an app to readjust phone number when calling someone can be a good (and easy) very first step towards better phone number privacy

Keep her phone number privacy for sure by using one of these apps

And that’s a list of the height 5 apps to adjust phone number once calling someone. Start protecting her phone number privacy v these apps today!